3 Reasons why you are Not Making the Money you Want

“I’m not getting sales!”

woman, frustrated,

Unfortunately, this is a comment I hear all too often. Are you like the many intelligent and hard-working women I meet who have spent months or years futzing with their website and single-handedly attempting to be everything from chief technology officer to accountant to the director of sales and marketing? And in spite of the countless hours spent, skipping meals, sleepless nights and sinking hard-earned money into the latest gadgets, gizmos, coaches, and courses….ARE YOU NOT STILL NOT MAKING MONEY!

If the answer is, “yes” then what saddens me, most is that not only are you not enjoying the lifestyle you could be but YOU also are most likely NOT USING YOUR GOD-GIVEN GIFTS AND TALENTS TO CHANGE LIVES ON THE SCALE THAT IS TRULY POSSIBLE! 



I am not referring to typical distractions such as being sucked into social media feeds or going on Netflix binges. This distraction is far more common. I define it as

any effort you make that are not touching lives, fulfilling you, or earning income!

This past week alone, four of my new coaching clients learned how to drop the myriad of activities they were doing and focus on the few important things.

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.

                                                               – Stephen Covey

As a result, they have, in a very short time, already shifted from scattered to strategic and moved from confusion to clarity.

They are now clear who and how they serve. And they have a compelling program or product. They have even already started getting prospects interested and clients joining!

The great thing is they are also enjoying more peace and having fun again!


The women I work with are VERY bright and talented! Surprisingly, this comes with a price.  Because they have such an array of knowledge and talents they often feel they should teach it all and include everything they do in their marketing and packaging.

They write books, give presentations and teach courses on everything from public speaking to how to publish a book, be on television, receive emotional healing and create a podcast, blog, and website!

The reason you are not making money or getting sales is that


Most of the people they network with or market to have NO idea what they even do!.  Every time they give an “elevator pitch” it is totally different!

Eliminate Confusion.  Follow these steps.

  1. Choose the products or services you are most confident offering.
  2. Put them into a package that makes sense to the buyer.
  3. Offer no more than 3 packages
  4. Create a premium, a mid-range, and a lower-priced entry-level package.
  5. Build the premium first.  Include your biggest and best.
  6. Remove 2-3 items for the mid-range and then
  7. Include the minimal basics for the smaller package.

Then speak, teach and market topics related to what is in the package.

In other words,


For example, if you are invited to give a free speech, don’t use that valuable time speaking on something that has nothing to do with your packages.

Instead, give them a “taste” of the value and content included in your program.

Follow the example of your local coffee shop

pastry tray, samples

When you enter the store they will often come around with a tray and offer you a bite-sized or Dixie-cup sized sample of their products.

The samples are just enough for you to discover how good they are and make you want what they have in the display case!

Use the same idea in your marketing…

Give enough valuable content to showcase your knowledge and skills and make them hungry for more. The sales and making money will naturally follow.


I’ve saved the “best” for last!

This by far is the most common mistake I see. 

Imagine that you speak English and I walk up to you and start speaking to you in Chinese.

Chances are you would politely attempt to understand and then ultimately give up.

What if I continue to repeat what I am saying in Chinese only this time even louder?

You would likely walk away shaking your head..

Imagine you arrive home, check your email and there is an email from the same person with lots of marketing copy but once again it is all in Chinese.

Now you not only delete the email but you are frustrated!

This is exactly what I see happening every day in the marketplace!

Even though they may not be speaking two different languages they might as well be.

The person doing the selling speaks enthusiastically about their tools and processes.

The person listening disconnects.


They speak the language of RESULTS!

Here is another familiar example.

When you go to the mechanic to have your car repaired…

Do you care what size wrench they use?

Of course not!

All you want to know is if your car will stop stalling at the stoplights and make it safely on your next trip.

In other words, the outcome or RESULT

It’s the same with your potential clients.

People are motivated by two things…

    • Avoiding pain and
    • Experiencing pleasure

What PAIN does your product, program or service remove?

Will it eliminate the frustration of feeling stuck?

Will it help them overcome the fears that have been crippling them?

What frustrating problem does it solve?

What PLEASURE will your client experience?

Will they arrive at their goals, dreams, and desires faster?

How will your product or service remove some of the friction they are experiencing in their business that is slowing things down?

Will they earn or save more money?

Every communication you have with a prospective client should focus on RESULTS

  • Your title describing what you do
  • The title of your free call
  • The name of your product or program.

Every component of your program should address the result they are looking for.

Which would you buy?

Joe’s Gym 


Fit and Firm Studio


Which would you register for?

Free planning call


Free Breakthrough Strategy Session

Even the title and topic of your signature speech should ooze with clear desirable outcomes!

Although I believe people are generally kind and generous, experience has taught me that most people spend a lot of time tuning into the station W.I.F.M.  (whats in it for me).

When you speak the language of your potential customer they will TUNE INTO YOU and WHAT YOU OFFER.

Isn’t it time for you to touch lives and make money?

Praying YOU prosper in ALL things!


About the author

Brenda Byers is the founder of www.prosperinallthings.com and has built multi-million dollar companies and sales teams. She has mentored leaders from many walks of life. Coaching the spectrum from single moms and budding entrepreneurs to founders of corporations. Her private coaching clients increase their income exponentially while learning to live their bliss and serve their communities.  She believes God is the business partner of choice. She shares cutting edge science and spiritual wisdom that will set you free and your business soaring. Brenda is a highly sought out inspirational speaker and corporate trainer at conferences and retreats.

She recently released the Prosper by Design Coach Certification Program. A comprehensive, biblically-based, science-backed online and offline program to grow your faith, income, and influence! Develop confidence and a success mindset, hone your skills and experience lasting personal & business breakthrough. SCHEDULE with Brenda to see if coaching is right for you and take a FREE TOUR of the Prosper By Design Coaching Certification Program.


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