5 End of Year Success Rituals

Position Yourself to Win using Success Rituals

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We are creatures of habit.
We sit at the same place in a church,, sleep on the same side of the bed, brush our teeth and tie our shoes the same way and create automatic daily rituals.
Rituals can be a powerful way to harness the power of habit and design a life we love!
Here are a few of my favorite rituals to position yourself for success and kick-start your New Year!.


Rituals have played a key role in my success!  

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I have personally used and taught clients how to use end-of-year rituals as a way to position, sift and sort.
We can step back and access our life:
What worked this year?
What didn’t?
What do I need to release?
What did I love?
What did I learn?
What do I need to magnify or do more of?

My Personal favorite end-of-year rituals 

  1. Start a (new) Journal.  

    Each year, between Thanksgiving and New Years, I review my personal and business journals with a highlighter.  I purchase a new journal that makes me happy to look at and I then begin using my Journal Template (FREE).  I also add a page called “Lessons” to make notes of things I learned, prayers answered and other important notes.  I then update my goals and vision.

  2. Update your Vision Board.  

    Years ago I created a powerful variation of the vision board called a vision focus wheel. Learn how to create your vision focus wheel

    A vision focus wheel is positioned according to your brain lead (innate energy advantage).  Learn more about brain leads. I create my vision board using a corkboard so I can add, change or interact with it daily. The beauty is that your vision board can grow and change with you. Have a new desire?  Add it to your board.  Don’t like an image anymore? Remove it.

  3. Get your desk and records in order.  

    Move all of this past year’s receipts and folders into a different place (ready for taxes) and create new folders.  This is a great time to clear accumulated clutter and clean your office and desk for a fresh start in the New Year. For a really fresh start consider a new rug or coat of paint. Even move the furniture around.  You are not the same as you were last year.

  4.  Clear your email folders and desktop.

    If you are in business send Holiday Greetings, specials and updates to your clients using an auto-responder.

    I have used Red Oak Cart for years.  I have found it to be the most “bang for the buck” with CRM, Shopping Cart and Product Delivery all in one.

    Empty your personal and business email folders as well.  Pick out a new screensaver that inspires you.

  5. Start a new calendar.

    I use 2.  My favorite is the one that sits on my desk.  It has a month at a glance with huge squares so I can write appointments, expenses due and $ that came in (as a back up to quicken in case the CPA asks me about something).  .I also use schedulicity for my clients or potential clients to book a FREE business breakthrough strategy session. color code my desktop calendar to see the balance in my life at a glance.  (Green=business/$  Purple=spiritual Red=expenses Pink=love/play).  Mark out your vacations first!  This is an important step in creating a life you love!

I pray this has helped you add or enhance your year-end rituals.
What are your favorite rituals? Leave a comment below.
Praying YOU prosper in ALL things
Brenda Byers, Prosper in All Things, Business, Success, Coach
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