5 Systems You Must Have in Place to Make 2011 Your Best Year! (Part 1)

#1 Dream System!

I know that doesn’t sound like a “system” but over the years I have witnessed too many people establish New Year’s Resolutions only to completely have forgotten them by Feb. 1st.  How about a system to keep your dreams and vision in front of you?  The first and most obvious way is to put it in writing! There is much wisdom in the scripture, “Write the vision and make it plain that they who read it may run.” I like to rewrite it daily, even if it is in a condensed summary. Another powerful tool is to create a dream board with words and pictures representing your dream/vision.  I make mine on a 3X5 Cork board.  I like using a cork board with pins because I play with the pictures (adding more, rearranging)all year round! I have pictures representing the different aspects of my life including spiritual, service, marriage, family, social, financial, etc.  Make it powerful and then let it inspire you daily!

I saw the power of vision boarding once again this past year.  At the beginning of the year I put a picture of a television shoot with the words, “Lights, Camera, Action!” right in the middle of my vision board.  At that time I had no idea how or when I would ever be on television. Before the year was out, I was asked to speak on the Brian Tracy Television Show that will be aired nationwide on ABC, CBS, NBCD, and Fox networks!  Put your dream system in place, it works.  Would love to hear your success stories using a vision board – leave me a note and I’ll post it.

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