If Affirmations Work Why Am I Still Struggling?

Have you ever wondered why your affirmations are not getting results?
Perhaps you heard about affirmations. Thinking you discovered the mother lode, you wrote or spoke your affirmations. You maybe even created a vision board. And then you waited. First day nothing. Week one nothing. Month one nothing. Discouraged they became hit and miss. It seems affirmations work for others but not you.

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 You wonder if something is wrong with you.

For years I felt that.  I watched others succeed almost effortlessly while I struggled.  It’s not our fault.  We were never taught how to create affirmations that get results. 

Affirmations work when they are:

  • Believable.  In my video series “Why Affirmations Don’t Work” I gave the example of affirming you are a duck.  “I AM a duck!” you repeat.  You flap your wings and shout, “I AM a duck” with no results.  No sign of feathers anywhere!  The same is true of “I AM a millionaire.”  If you have never earned a six figure income you may have trouble convincing your mind of seven figures.
  • Clear.  What do you desire?  As a Success and Business coach I often ask this question. The response I get is usually vague.  “I want to be healthy.” “I want to be happy.” or  “I want to earn a lot of money.” are typical.  “How will you know if you are ________?”, I continue.  A vague target rarely gets hit.  Vague affirmations almost never work.  They lack a defined target and do not stimulate your mind or touch your heart.
  • Sensual.  Affirmations are like learning.  The more senses we use the more likely we will remember and apply the information.  The question that follows “what do you desire?” is “why?” What feeling do you get when you imagine your desire fulfilled? Can you see it?  Can you taste it?  What color is it?  What does it smell like?  Think about a good movie.  It engaged every part of you.  A good goal or affirmation is no different.

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Follow these steps for creating affirmations that deliver

  1. Begin with “I AM”.  These are the most powerful words in the Universe. When Moses asked God what to call Him, he responded with “I AM”. Two words best defined God. These two words also define our self.  Here is the rule.  If you wouldn’t say it about God.  Don’t say it about yourself.  Would you call God “Broke”? or “Sick and tired”?  Yet we say these things about our self all the time!  Follow the words, “I AM” with powerful words that describe who or what you desire.
  2. Write what you Desire.  It is important that you do not write or focus on what you don’t desire.  Energy flows where the attention goes. Your attention must be on that which you DO desire.
  3. Use present tense.  Affirmations are most powerful when we see them as already done. Jesus taught this“You can pray for anything, and if you believe that you’ve received it, it will be yours.” – Matt 11:24
  4. Make them Fresh.  Write your affirmations in a way that excites, challenges and moves you!  Sometimes I ask my coaching clients the question,”Do your affirmations inspire you?” The most common answer is no. There are two reasons.  The first is they have been overworked.  If your affirmations have been the same for months, even years it may be time to retire them.  It is important to not allow your affirmations to become stale. I once heard a missionary say,  “Even beggars dislike stale bread”- Heidi Baker  No one enjoys stale.[tweetshare tweet=”Affirmations only work when they inspire you!” username=”@prosperinall”]
  5. Keep them Relevant.  Your affirmations must apply to your situation.  Where do YOU need a breakthrough?  Turn your biggest challenge into an affirmation.  Are you struggling to get new clients?  Use an affirmation like this one“I AM a magnet for new clients.  Enthusiastic and motivated clients join my business every day.”
  6. Fill them with Energy.  Once you have written your affirmations fill them with love, excitement and expectation.  Nature responds to energy.  Ask yourself how does a dog or a horse know you are scared?  How can you walk in a room and feel peace or tension?  Take time to feel your affirmations.  A special kind of magic happens when we bathe our affirmations with love and powerful expectation.Birthing your dreams must hold the same kind of joyful exuberance as birthing a child.
  7. Create Space.  Nature abhors a vacuum.  Think about a new book shelf.  How long does it remain empty?  In coaching I have helped clients manifest a life partner by teaching this principle.  Is your affirmation to attract a mate?  Look at your calendar. Is there space in your life for him/her? Is your home decorated for love? Or is it crammed full of your stuff? Is your affirmation to launch a new business.  Create the space for it.  Name it.  Open a business checking account.  Clear your office.Expectation is a powerful force.  When you are “expecting” a child you prepare. You look for a new home or clear space in your current one.  You decorate the room. You buy the new furniture. You clear your calendar.  You pack your away bag.  Imagine what could happen if we surrounded our affirmations with that kind of expectation!

“High expectations are the key to everything” – Sam Walton

For more great tips on affirmations that work including the 3 part video series Why Affirmations Don’t Work visit https://www.youtube.com/user/ProsperInAllThings/videos




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