Average is the Enemy of Great!

Is Your Business Average or Great?

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Recently a client texted me a YouTube video by Alex Becker with a note that said, “This 100% reminds me of you”. Curious I watched the training titled

“The 2020 Online Business Collapse is Already Happening”


The video addressed something I feel strongly about and teach my clients often.

“Average” will not survive in the years ahead

So often in business, I see great marketing on the front end but pitiful products and support on the back end!

Coaches, speakers, healers and internet marketers of all types have been taught and bought into the idea that having fancy funnels and sales pages is the key to success.. Although these play a role, very few know what to do AFTER.

A great deal of my coaching is helping clients define and focus on the RESULTS their customers and clients will experience using their products or services. I teach that they must learn to speak the language of their clients..

“RESULTS are the language of your clients”

I repeat that phrase so many times they probably hear it in their sleep!

I believe it was Alex Mandossian that said “Most people in business fall in love with the wrong thing. They are in love with their product or service when they would do better being in love with their customers and clients!” The sad thing is most business owners are completely out of touch with the needs and desires of their market.

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Amazon is proving this time and time again. For example, I can get on my computer for 5 minutes in the morning (or any time of the day) and click on the whole foods tab and order my favorite groceries. The prices are competitive and when I click on the order now button I can confidently go about my day knowing that my groceries will arrive at my doorstep within two hours with no shipping or delivery charge.

Amazon understands my greatest desire need and desire is TIME. And they go above and beyond by also delivering fair price and convenience! Bingo they won my business. I haven’t been to a grocery store in over a month.

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Moving Beyond Average

One way to move beyond average is to be able to accurately know your clients and be able to answer questions such as:

  • What do your clients most desire or need?
  • What is their biggest challenge?
  • How does your product or service make their life easier, better or more fun?
  • How do you reduce friction or simplify their life?
  • Why is your product or service better?
  • What is your USP (unique selling proposition)?

The Customer Journey

Another thing I see lacking in small business is attention to the Customer Journey

For example, yesterday when, a client told me they had made a lot of sales the previous week. I asked them,

  • What was their experience when they purchased?
  • How did you make their experience extraordinary?
  • What did you surprise them with?

Creating an Above Average Customer Experience

I also began having them consider the thank you page on their website. Does it have a warm picture of you? Or include a warm welcome message? How about a special offer, bonus or upsell?

Next, I had them map out their onboarding process.  What do customers experience when they purchase your product? Is there a welcome video? Do you explain what is included and how to use your product/service?

I reminded them that their customer journey begins with the first thing the potential customer sees.

Another question is what do you invite them to do and what happens when they do that? Then what? And then what?

Very few people spend enough time mapping out the customer journey. I am included. I have far to go (I am writing this as a reminder for myself!). We spend far too much time working in our business and forget to work on it.

People will forget what you said but people never forget how you make them feel – Maya Angelo

When it comes to business and customer service this has never been truer.

How Does Your Customer Feel?

Whenever I plan an event like the upcoming Women Like Me Event my attention goes first to the customer journey. I ask my team and myself questions such as:

  1. How will each woman feel when she walks through the door?
  2. How can we surprise her with joy throughout the day?
  3. What else can we do to make her feel special and loved?
  4. How can we empower and inspire her?
  5. What tangible results can she leave with?
  6. What will make her a raving fan?

Thirty years ago I learned the acronym C.A.N.I from Tony Robbins. It stands for “constant and never-ending improvement”. We must commit to this.

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The enemy of great is average. Will you join me in committing to greatness?

Praying YOU prosper in ALL things!


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