Clutter Free Office in 3 Easy Steps – Here’s How + Pics

Do your New Years Resolutions include being clutter free? Mine does. When I stepped into my office today  it was anything but clutter free!

office clutter


Building a life you life includes creating space for what you love and that includes loving my office.  Here’s what I did 

Step one:  Take EVERYTHING OUT of the office and put it in the hallway outside the door.

Step two:  Clean the furniture, fixtures and floor

How to clutter free office

after step 2

Step three:  Bring back in ONLY the things you LOVE or that are NECESSARY & USEFUL for accomplishing your goals, dreams and desires.

Everything else goes into one of 3 places

  1.  Trash
  2.  Donation Box
  3.  Where it belongs (a place for everything and everything in its place)

When attempting to de-clutter your home or office it is important that you do it in bite size chunks.  DO NOT attempt to clean the whole house.  You may opt to do the insides (desk drawers, files cabinets or closets) on another day.

It does not need to take days or weeks.  It doesn’t even need to take a full day.  Set a goal.  For me it was to be done in a few hours so I could write this 🙂

Here what it looks like

clutter free office

Clutter Free Office

A couple more tips

  1.  PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION-  This is not a time for painting, repairs or deep cleaning.  I choose to do those things in a non productive time (e.g. weekend) or hire those tasks out.
  2. COMPLETE THE PROJECT– Take the give away bag to your favorite spot today. Or at minimum take it to your trunk to drop off the next time you drive somewhere.  Take the trash out.

Need more advice on decluttering?  Check out this article I wrote on Spring Cleaning your Business and Life.  I also highly recommend The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by #MarieKondo .  It is a powerful yet easy read.

Did this help?  Share your tips and questions in the comments below.

Live the life you love and love the life you live <3


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