Co-authoring “Cracking the Success Code” with Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy & Brenda Byers-ImThe Lesson I learned that led to co-authoring “Cracking the Success Code” with Brian Tracy.

To be on Brian Tracy’s television show and to co-author a book with him feels like one of the most amazing power of personal development “rest of the story” tales I’ve heard!

Only 25 years ago when I was broke, in a job I hated, with a boss from hell, I was introduced to my first set of personal development cassettes by a co-worker.  To this day, I do not know if she saw potential in me or felt sorry for me!  None the less, I was one of the 2% who actually listen more than once and APPLY what they hear.  I can tell you it was a defining moment in my life that I shall never forget.

It is said we are the sum total of the books we read and the people we associate with.  I know there are two factors that have had the greatest influence in my life – a consistent diet of good reading material and the grace of God.  It is amazing to look back at the amazing turn of events that began with those cassettes.  After listening several times, I took pen to paper and custom chose the type of career I desired and handpicked where I wanted to work.


The Psychology of Achievement by Brian TracyAfter some research I walked in and was hired on the spot!  Here’s the amazing thing…that cassette series was none other than Brian Tracy’s “The Psychology of Achievement” – his first!

I continued listening, adding several more cassette albums. This led to doubling my salary in the first six months on the job and later to creating a six figure income working from home. Ultimately God would use all of that experience to birth a number of companies and create a worldwide vision.  I do not share this to boast but rather to inspire you!  I believe there is so much greatness in you waiting to be released. Two things are needed:

  1. Our mindset (thoughts and believes) must be renewed  “Be transformed (changed) by the (entire) renewal of your mind (by its new ideals and its new attitude)”  Rom 12:2 AMP   and
  2. Daily disciplines (actions) repeated on a daily basis. We must step to the other side of fear and into our destiny.

It’s not so much the events the HAVE occurred in my life that cause me to marvel but considering the COST of NOT moving forward!  It was what  I gained from not giving up and from taking the consistent action that allowed me to develop the skill set, income and time freedom to travel the world and meet over 200 scientists searing for an answer to our daughters health challenge that would ultimately lead to the creation of our flagship product EnerPrime and the birth of IMPaX WORLD touching the lives of children and adults around the world!  The moral of the story is:  the next time you are tempted to quit stop and consider there are many waiting for you on the other side of your success!

Cracking the Success Code with Brian Tracy and Brenda Byers-ImTo read Cracking the Success Code and the chapter “Partnering with God” in Business”  visit

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