By Design Coaching Certification

Have you been praying for a change in career that would offer you more flexibility, fulfillment, and financial freedom? Becoming a coach could be YOUR golden ticket! 

Prosper By Design Coach Certification Program – 

is a comprehensive, faith-based & science-backed course that

will grow your income and impact!

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Amazing Timing and Opportunity!

The coaching profession is one of the fastest-growing professions in the world! In fact, the growth projections for the life coaching industry alone is estimated to have a revenue of $1.34 billion by 2022. In other words, coaching has gone mainstream!

As a Life, Health, Relationship or Business Coach You can:

  • Work from anywhere with just a laptop or phone.
  • Create your own schedule 
  • Work with the people you enjoy
  • Make an impact in the lives of others and
  • Earn a fantastic income working full or part-time
With Prosper By Design Coach Certification,
YOU will feel confident and equipped to powerfully serve others &
create a life and business you love

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Experience a preview lesson free here


  • Comprehensive video course coaching templates. Learn at your pace. Watch or review as often as you like.
  • Extensive library of client templates and worksheets. Download and use it with clients to reinforce your coaching.
  • Lead Referral (Advanced and Master Coaches upon approval). Grow your business with pre-qualified leads.
  • Ongoing  Training, Support, and Mastermind Opportunities including monthly calls (Adv. and Master) 
  • Discounts and savings on products, conferences, workshops, and retreats (Advanced and Master Coaches)
  • EARN ADDITIONAL INCOME (Master Coaches) on incoming Advanced Prosper coaches you mentor!

What others are saying:
In October 2018 a small group of women affectionately known as the “Beta Babes’ experienced the filming of the course modules.  They were blown away!  Here is what they say…

“The best I’ve seen!  I wish this was the standard in the industry!” – Carmel, Grass Valley, CA

“I’ve had many coaches but this program is different!  It gives you tools that can be used immediately!” – Earlene, Fair Oaks, CA


TIMING! The industry is young. More and more individuals are seeing the value of coaching.  Imagine having all the tools and training at your fingertips and not having to re-create or re-invent the wheel.  The work has already been done for you!

FLEXIBILITY!  Launch a lucrative part-time or full-time coaching business online. Work from anyway with just a phone or laptop! Imagine no more commuting!

LEGACY! There is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone’s life transform.  The impact has to potential to change generations. Imagine the difference you can make!

“This is the program you need to invest in – so you can change not only your life but the life of those you coach for this generation and the next!” – Stephanie Sherwood, Founder The Tapestry Network.

Experience a preview lesson free here

Basic Certified Coach $2500   

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The ultimate do-it-yourself transformation course!

This life-changing course includes over 30 practical video modules and templates you can apply in your life immediately.

“To effectively lead others in life-transformation we must first experience the transformation for ourselves!”- Brenda  

This practical course will take you through the process and gives you the tools to renew your mind and creating powerful success habits.  This is the place to begin.

Topics include:

     *basics of kingdom coaching (holistic coaching concerned with the whole person)

     *how to coach with confidence and excellence (and never feel like a fraud or imposter),

     *how to create trust and rapport with clients and prospective clients,

     *discover your (and your client’s) sensory preference, Coach in a way your clients can really get it!

     *tools for renewing the mind.  A game-changer for both you and your clients!

     *keys for transformation and your daily walk. Practical application for daily life.

     *and much much more!

Advanced Certified Coach  $5000/yr     

advanced course, coach certification, prosper by design, Brenda Byers                                                                                                                                                                                                           
Take it to another level!

The advanced course includes all of the above for Basic PLUS additional modules that help you understand how your brain works.  In addition you will learn how to finally master time and the illusion of not-enoughness!  Modules include;

  • Understanding Your Brain Lead (Innate Energy Advantage), This powerful understanding of the brain is worth the course all by itself!

  • Overcome your belief in lack!
  • Time Management.  Finally end chaos, frustration, and stress.  Great for you and your clients!


Ongoing Support and Mentoring including monthly Calls (Advanced and Master Coaches) receive ongoing training, practical applications and tips, including one-on-one Q & A’s with a Master Coach or PIAT Executive
-Access to an extensive library of client templates for download 
(19.95 mo. fee)

-Lead Referral (upon approval).  Grow your business by receiving leads for individuals looking to hire a coach! 

-15% discount PIAT conference & retreats, products, and courses.

Master Certified Coach  $7500/yr. 

master, coach certification, prosper by design, brenda byers                                                                                                       

The Master Course if where the “rubber meets the road”!

At this level, you will learn what it means to stop compartmentalizing the many parts of your life. This level introduces the concept of “businesstry” where your work and ministry (life purpose/call) become one! In addition, you will never create the income and life you desire until you overcome your money blocks and master the money game!  Finally includes the tools to organize your business as well as individual coaching touch ins with Brenda or executive coach.

Includes all of the above for Basic and Advanced PLUS additional modules including

  • Intro to Businesstry (where business and ministry are one!)

  • Master The Money Game (break the money stories that have held you back! Includes tips on pricing, etc.)

  • Partner with God in Business (powerful and life-changing modules)

  • Organizing your business (forms and resources to organize your coaching business

Personalized Mentoring Monthly Call with an executive coach, 6 Individual Client collaboration calls, access to an extensive library of client templates for download (19.95 mo. fee), 

Plus PIAT Executive Level Lead Referral (upon approval)

25% discount PIAT conference and retreats, and 25% discount products and courses.


EARN ADDITIONAL INCOME (Master Coaches only) on incoming Advanced Prosper coaches you mentor!

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Coach Certificate

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Advanced Certification

3 payment plan 

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12 payment plan

Master Certification

3 payment plan

                                                         6 payment plan

About Brenda

BrendBrenda Byers, Prosper in All Things, Business, Success, Coach, Prosper By Design Coach Certification, Prosper Inspirational Newslettera Byers is the founder of and has built multi-million dollar companies and sales teams. She has mentored leaders from many walks of life ranging from single moms and budding entrepreneurs to founders of large corporations. Her coaching clients increase their income exponentially while learning to live their bliss and serve their communities.  She believes God is the business partner of choice and shares cutting edge science and spiritual wisdom that will set you free and your business soaring.

She is the creator of “Prosper by Design Coach Certification Program” a comprehensive, biblically-based, science-backed online and offline program to grow your faith, income, and influence! Coaches who have been certified rave how much they have grown their confidence honed their skills and experienced both personal & business breakthroughs and success.

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Prosper By Design Coach Certification is perfect for coaches, those desiring to be coaches, small business owners and ministry leaders who are ready to take their faith, confidence, skills, and business to new heights.

Brenda’s leadership style is rooted in her belief that God is her Partner in life and business. She inspires the members of her audience to expand their vision and goals while stretching to develop their God-given gifts.

Brenda shares her passion at conventions, women’s events, weekend retreats, networking organizations, and churches, as a keynote speaker and corporate trainer. She has created and hosted her own cutting-edge sales and marketing events, weekend training seminars and retreats for over 30 years. Brenda’s unique and practical approach has a proven track record of getting results.