Dancing: One of My Greatest Life Lessons

Life Lessons I Learned Salsa Dancing

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A little over a year ago I committed to learning how to dance. Little did I know, this would prove to be an enormous life lesson!  My dancing adventure launched with great enthusiasm.  It didn’t take long, however, to discover I  completely lacked any natural talent I began with Latin (salsa) dancing. The problem was I could not learn the inside (left) turns for the life of me. And as for rhythm, I had none!  I could not even hear the beat, let alone follow it!  The worst part was a day that the friend teaching me to dance told me he did not believe I would ever be able to learn how to dance.  I was devastated!  This was both an opportunity and a valuable life lesson.


Experience has taught me two important concepts:

1. How you do one thing is how you will do all things. In this case, I knew If I quit, it would be easier to quit in future situations.

2.  Consistency creates momentum and breakthrough.

When you really want it

You’ve probably heard the story about the Master that held the pupil underwater until he felt he was going to die. He told the student,

“When you want it as bad as you wanted a breath of air, then you will learn.”  

Perhaps it was my desire to learn. Perhaps it was ego, but being told I couldn’t do something led me to push ahead like a maniac!  I took lessons 6 nights a week and practiced 2 times a day.

Today, only one year later,  dancing is one of my greatest sources of joy. I dance with a permanent smile on my face!  The confidence that comes from overcoming a challenge is powerful. For me, I know it is one of those private victories and life lessons that will spill over into all other areas of my life.

What were you told you couldn’t do?  Follow Nike slogan and

“just do it!”

<3 Brenda

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