Does Your Business Feel Like its Growing at a Tortoise Pace?

Do you have BIG goals
but business seems to beSucess, Business Growth, Prosper in All Things, Brenda Byers, Success Coach
growing at a
tortoise pace?

Does it feel others are racing past you like wild hares while your business moves at a tortoise pace?

Does your desire for success gnaw at you and rob you of creativity and joy?

You are not alone!

Every day YouTube videos, Facebook live shows and Instagram pictures bombard us with images of fancy houses, cars, and exotic travel.

Slick marketing convinces us there is a secret sauce to business success that only the “gurus’ hold.  We see rooms filled with huge audiences and read about experts making huge incomes and ask our self,

What is wrong with me?”

Of course, we do this not only with business but with our homes, bodies, and relationships. Discontent has become an epidemic.

What’s the solution?  

First, read this article carefully. Even though you are busy do not skim.

Over the next few weeks, I will share a series of articles outlining a step-by-step proven success formula. Each one will include one key principle and action you can you can implement immediately to advance your business.

Here is the first.  I have found it to be the foundation.

#1 Activate Your God-given Image Maker 

An interesting verse in the book of Genesis says

“…nothing they imagine will be impossible for them”.  

Another word for imagine is visualize.

Science has proven visualizing improves performance!

Visualizing can help improve performance among musicians and athletes. Brain scans show that the areas involved in imagining a motor skill are the same areas that are activated when the motor movement is actually made.

In other words, visualizing shooting the ball through the hoop activates the same part of the brain as actually shooting it!

But here’s the challenge

The challenge is that we often use visualization to see what we DONT want!

We tend to activate our imagination and faith in reverse.  We see ourselves tripping on the way to give a speech. Or forgetting what we are going to say.  We see an empty room (no one showing up for our event).  We see ourselves “failing”.

Recently a client told me she would be okay if only her mother showed up for her event.  “I’ll still do it and get the practice” she added. I was shocked. First, because the event was still 30 days away and second because people had shown an interest in attending.

I explained a lot can happen in 30 days! (Workshop attendees often wait until the last minute to register).

I used a sports metaphor (like basketball) to remind her the most exciting part of a game is the last 3 minutes.  She got it. She immediately changed her visualization to include a packed audience and she began to ask empowering questions.  People began registering soon after!

Do you plan to be broke in 6 months?

Her situation reminded me of a story I heard from one of my favorite pastors.  He shared how he had a retreat coming up in 6 months.  Right after announcing the retreat, one of his members came up to him and asked if he would scholarship her. He replied,

 “Are you already planning to be broke in 6 months?”

Makes one think, doesn’t it? We often forecast our current situation into the future.

A wise friend once explained to me.  We can see only one frame at a time in the film strip of our life.  The problem is we tend to extend whatever is happening into the future.  Things can change in an instant!  You could receive a letter from a long lost relative and find out you are a wealthy heiress. Anything can happen!

To Succeed in Business and Life, You Must Re-Wire Your Brain!

We must create new neuro-pathways.

One way to do so is to take regular TIME each day to VISUALIZE.

Practice seeing in your mind’s eye your desired outcome (e.g. your group, workshop or coaching practice FULL.)

Do this over and over until it is so real we think it has already happened. The more you can imagine every detail in your mind’s eye – the sounds, smells, and sights of what you desire the quicker you will manifest it.

The more you can imagine every detail in your mind’s eye – the sounds, smells, and sights of what we desire the quicker you will manifest it.

When I coached a high school speech and debate club.  I taught them how to quiet themselves before every speech and see themselves flawlessly delivering it.  They were to imagine shaking hands with the judges and smiling.  I encouraged them to see the audience leaning forward in their seat and feel the applause and feel the thrill of receiving the trophy.

It worked! We had a team of champions! We took the National Debate Championship and the tops slots in the National Speech Tournaments.

This works whether you are in music, sports or business! Are you ready?

Okay, let’s get to work putting into practice what we just read.  Are you ready?

Practice #1  

IDENTIFY WHAT YOU DESIRE (the specific goal for the next 30-90 days.)

Key:  Your goal must be believable to you.  It does little good to visualize yourself as a billionaire if you can’t even imagine being a millionaire.  Start where you can believe and then stretch that a little.

IMAGINE (VISUALIZE) IT (Add as much detail as possible. Include the color, sounds, smells and especially the FEELING).  Imagine the goal accomplished. How are you feeling?  (Excited, stoked, proud, grateful, honored?)

PLACE VISUAL REMINDERS on your vision board and around your home, office, car, etc.  E.g. 25 years ago when I desired to earn my first $15,000 commission check, I made a copy of one of my checks. I whited out the amount and wrote in $15,000. I placed it on my refrigerator, my bathroom mirror and my car visor.  Sure enough, my checks hit $15,000 not too long after that.

To this day I set my income goals, get clients or fill rooms with these tools.

(The more you do it the more powerful the results).  Choose times when you can relax and be in the alpha state of mind such as when you just awaken and right before drifting off to sleep.

I’ll close with some wisdom from Walt Disney:

“If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started by a mouse.”

Accountability – Here is where the rubber meets the road!  Will you DO what you just read?

Set exact times of the day in which you will visualize. Seal your commitment by sending a quick text, email or Fb message to a mentor or coach who will hold you accountable. Find someone with strong faith to “touch and agree” in prayer each time you text them.

I AM Praying YOU prosper in ALL things!


Brenda Byers is the founder of and has built multi-million dollar companies and sales teams. She has mentored leaders from many walks of life. Coaching the spectrum from single moms and budding entrepreneurs to founders of corporations. Her private coaching clients increase their income exponentially while learning to live their bliss and serve their communities.  She believes God is the business partner of choice. She shares cutting edge science and spiritual wisdom that will set you free and your business soaring. Brenda is a highly sought out inspirational speaker and corporate trainer at conferences and retreats.

She recently released the Prosper by Design Coach Certification Program. A comprehensive, biblically-based, science-backed online and offline program to grow your faith, income, and influence! Develop confidence and a success mindset, hone your skills and experience lasting personal & business breakthrough. SCHEDULE with Brenda to see if coaching is right for you and take a FREE TOUR of the Prosper By Design Coaching Certification Program.

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