Finding The Greatness Within – My Story (And Maybe Yours)

Finding the Greatness Within – My Story 

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My Story:  How it Began

My story began with big dreams. Maybe yours did too. You imagined yourself as a beautiful princess or a handsome prince ruling a kingdom and fighting off dragons, or a superhero crushing villains and restoring justice. Perhaps you dreamed of marriage and family or traveling the world.

Or maybe your dreams, like mine, were cut short by harsh words, family struggles, alcoholism or violence.  So in order to survive, you replaced dreams with protective walls around your heart and made inner vows of how differently you would do things when you grew up.

NOTE: I share my story below in hopes you will know no matter what season you are in you are not alone. I pray you will be inspired to discover the greatness God has placed within you!.

Confusing “You Can Have it All” with “You Can DO it All!”

As a young girl, my story was that when I grew up things would be different!  I would be the “perfect” wife, mother, Christian and business leader. And I went for it with gusto!

For over two decades after getting married I ran a nutritional network marketing corporation we founded. At the same time, I diligently home-educated my three children. This was in addition, to managing our home, going to the gym every day, keeping a morning personal development routine. My schedule included nightly speaking engagements and business networking events as well as hosting workshops and events in multiple states.  I led a weekly community Bible study. And I coached a high school speech club that included my children. We traveled to tournaments around the country almost every weekend!

Brenda Byers, home-school, speech and debate

Smiling speech club students after winning a tournament

Leaky Balloon

I am tenacious, stubborn and focused. I don’t give up easily. But after two decades of my best effort, I was exhausted and discouraged. I came to the brilliant conclusion that my story was defective and I could not do it all!

In addition to praying my heart out, I diligently studied with the best.  For example, I completed Brian Tracy’s advanced management courses and.listened to everything Tony Robbins and Jim Rohn produced.  I spent thousands of dollars attending seminars.  I bought planners and calendars and accounted for every minute.

But still, I felt like a leaky balloon. I would patch one hole (sales were dropping) and another would spring up (the house was a mess).  I would plug those and two more would spring up (kids lagging in school work, husband not happy). No matter how many holes I patched more leaks sprung up!

Answered Prayers

Fortunately, my story doesn’t end there. It begins and ends with prayer. Even as a little girl with little understanding of God, I prayed and asked Him to help me.  I believe He did. He gave me a passion for women who were just like me; living perfectionist fragmented and exhausting lives. He showed me Is it possible to prosper in all areas of your life and maintain good health while cultivating the miraculous potential of our soul. And He showed me how!

Prosper In All Things

My story had grown into a huge vision!

In 2012 I launched Prosper In All Things. A company dedicated to inspiring and equipping individuals of all age to prosper spiritually, physically, financially, and relationally (i.e. in all things).  I couldn’t believe He had even saved the URL for me! 3 John 2 came to life within me. It became the life-transforming experience for those attending the events, workshops, and coaching.

Over the past 3 decades, God has revealed to me the scriptures and science of how our thoughts, feelings, and words create stress, suffering, and sickness. He has given me the tools and strategies for experiencing lasting transformation.

Prosper By Design

After 7 years of mentoring and coaching business and ministry leaders to grow their faith, income and influence I saw another great need. The coaching industry was booming. Almost anyone could position themselves as coach.  The challenge was many “coaches” lacked confidence and were ill-equipped. Inside they often felt like a fraud.  The coach training programs lacked substance, practical tools, and support. Most were not holistic and did not minister to the whole person spirit, soul and body.

Almost daily individuals came to me and shared their disastrous experience working with a coach.  Christian Women’s organizations came to me and asked me to screen and train coaches for their organizations.

I knew God was prompting me to launch Prosper By Design, a comprehensive, biblically-based and science-backed online certification program. The filming took 2 full days with almost no breaks as I poured out all God has placed within me over the last 3 decades.

That day I filmed more than 30 modules before a small group of women affectionately known as the “Beta Babes”.  Many Beta Babes were certified coaches who had studied with well-known organizations. The content ranged from understanding your brain to creating rapport. They learned how to master time and break their limiting beliefs around money. They received the tools and strategies to coach with confidence and attain lasting breakthrough. Those attending the 2-day filming were blown away!

Brenda Byers, Prosper By Design, Pre-Launch, Beta Babes, Prosper in All Things, Coach Certification

“Beta Babes” receive their certificates

The change in those who attended was obvious!

January 19, 2019, just a few short months after the filming, we held the Prosper By Design launch event. The change in those who had attended the filming was remarkable! The level of personal and business breakthrough was apparent to all who knew them.

Brenda Byers, Prosper By Design, Pre-Launch Event, Beta Babes, Prosper in All Things

Panel of “Beta Babes” share how life had changed in just few months

The most common statements were, “There is just nothing out there like this!” and “This isn’t just for coaches!  Everyone needs this!”

I am filled with joy at the thought of how many lives will be changed through this course.  It is perfect for coaches and those aspiring to be coaches.  Also, the tools, resources can be a powerful tool for ministries, small businesses, and non-profits.

The Story and the Adventure Continues

I believe The Prosper By Design Program will change the lives of countless women.  I also know this is just the beginning of my (our) story!  The vision God has placed in my heart is huge!  I see Prosper retreats on 3 continents that are a place for total healing – spirit, soul, and body.  In addition, I envision Prosper events and workshops where those attending will be refreshed, equipped and empowered. I imagine Prosper healing centers and schools in every state. God is up to BIG things and I know this will not be accomplished by any of us alone. I believe the best is yet to come in your life and mine.

Brenda Byers, Coach, Prayer, Breakthrough, Gratitude

I am praying YOU prosper in ALL things and be in health even as your soul prospers 3 John 2

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