What Gardening Teaches About Growing Business

Gardening & Growing a Business

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Gardening has powerful lessons about life and growing a business. This is my first year to grow a garden. I am absolutely in awe!

Seeing it grow from tiny seeds to a bountiful garden in just a few short months is amazing. Gardening is teaching me so much about faith, business, and life!  Perhaps this is why Jesus used seed and plant metaphors so much in his ministry. Scripture is filled with lessons and promises from agriculture.

And [God] Who provides seed for the sower and bread for eating will also provide and multiply your [resources for] sowing and increase the fruits of your righteousness.

What is fascinating is that GOD not only PROVIDES us with the seed but He also MULTIPLIES our resources!

Gardening starts with the soil. 

My first attempt at growing my garden had dismal results!  The plants withered and died within the first couple of weeks.  In addition, snails ate the leaves bare bones down to the root. It was a sad sight.

I sent a picture of the garden to an expert gardener friend of mine.  She said I needed to improve the soil.

So determined, with the help of family and friends, I started over again and re-tilled the soil getting as much of the crabgrass roots out as possible.  I then mixed in a high-quality topsoil that was rich in nutrients and planted new seeds.

Jesus tells an interesting story in Matthew 13 about the soil of our hearts and what we do with the Word. The lesson can apply to almost every area of our life.


She told me to regularly feed my plants with a sea kelp fertilizer. So I did.

Water regularly.

As I watered and fertilized regularly the plants grew so big I was in awe.  I began seeing an abundant harvest of cucumbers and tomatoes and zucchini almost every day!  I am amazed how something so delicious can come from a tiny seed.

Gardening teaches us about abundance.

One of the most important mindset shifts we can experience is to break the belief in lack.  Using just ONE zucchini or cucumber from my harvest I can gather enough seeds to plant hundreds of plants!  When you are tempted to focus on lack and not having enough ask yourself how many orchards are in one apple?

How the principles of gardening relate to business.

The verse we read says he gives seed to the sower.  The first thing I notice is that God gives us the seed.  The seed may be in the form of money or resources but it can also be creativity, gifts, talents, understanding, and abilities.

Until the seed is sown there can be no multiplication or harvest.

This is big! My experience is that most people don’t plant (invest) in their business. Instead, they EAT all their seed (and then some)!

They spend all they earn and most people go into debt spending beyond that.  If their business produces income they don’t reinvest it to grow themselves or their business.

The greatest return on investment (ROI) is investing in our personal growth, skills, and knowledge.

The beauty is that if we plant (invest) our seed in good soil, God promises He will multiply it!  In addition, the favor of God blesses us exceedingly above all we could ask hope or imagine (Eph. 3:20).Garden, Business Growth, Life Coach, Prosper in ALL things, Brenda Byers

Isaac’s Experience

Then Isaac sowed seed in that land and received in the same year a hundred times as much as he had planted, and the Lord favored him with blessings.

And the man became great and gained more and more until he became very wealthy and distinguished;” Gen 26:12-13

Are you ready to sow your seed and experience prosperity in every area of your life?

Here are some questions to get you started on your journey:

1. Are you investing your seed or consuming it all?

Once a seed is eaten (or a dollar is spent) it is gone.  However, a seed is sown or a dollar invested (in assets or things to grow you or your business) will pay you dividends.

2. What type of soil are you sowing your seeds in?

It is important to do due diligence choosing who or what you invest in. Hiring an experienced and skilled coach is one of the best investments.  After I hired my first coach when I was in my 20’s, my income increased from $2200/month to six and seven figures. Of course it was not magic but rather diligently working and applying everything I learned from my coach. Three decades later I continue to invest in coaches and personal development.

3. How are you feeding your business or investment?

What are you doing to grow your mindset and skillset? Do you have a habit of reading scripture and high-quality books?  What do you watch or listen to on a daily basis?  Is it inspiring you to be more or less of the person you desire to be

4. How are you keeping the weeds and pests away?

It takes diligence to keep the weeds out of the garden.  If you DO NOTHING the weeds will grow!  The same is true for our minds, body, and spiritual life.  Scripture says we are transformed by the renewing of our minds.  It also says we are “washed” in the Word.  Daily we accumulate the debris of low-frequency thoughts and ideas.  We need to wash them off just as we wash the dust and dirt off our physical bodies.

5. Do you have a trellis?

I have discovered the many plants such as watermelon, cucumbers and tomatoes need to be guided in their growth.  If not the vines do not climb but become a tangled mess and the fruit rots on the ground.  We are much the same.  Without a framework and standard of truth, our lives become a tangled and confusing mess.  Scripture says the Word can be our plumbline to measure righteousness and justice.

Happy Growing!

Praying YOU Prosper in ALL things!


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