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God wants you to be Healthy.

Science proves it.



The Average American…

  • Is 25 pounds overweight, has high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar
  • Takes 30,000+ aspirin and painkillers in a lifetime, plus 20,000 over-the counter or prescription drugs
  • Has a negative self image and experiences recurring bouts of depression and anxiety, is likely to experience an auto-immune disorder, cancer, diabetes and/or heart disease

Are you ready to STOP being AVERAGE?


This Home Study Course includes 6 downloadable MP3 audios and a comprehensive study guide in pdf format.

During this powerful workshop you will:

*Learn the spiritual and emotional ROOT of all dis-ease

*Take the “die” out of diet and make eating SIMPLE and FUN again

*Understand inflammation “the silent killer”  and how to ELIMINATE it

*Discover HEALING remedies used in the Bible

*Learn how to have MORE ENERGY, naturally

*Eliminate “brain fog” and PROTECT your MEMORY

*Powerful secrets that can even RESTORE & REPAIR  your DNA


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