God, Health & Me EXTRA Webinar

Answer for weight gain & pain


STOP  just “hanging on”…


 The only difference between  “Hanging” and “Changing
is what you “C”…

It’s all about AWARENESS!

Looking through hands


Learn the Science behind God’s design for your Health

Special Engagement:


Live Webinar Aug 3rd – 9:30AM – 11AM


Join Brenda Byers-Im and special guest Dr. Johnathan Butler for a special presentation of an
exclusive God, Health & Me  EXTRA.

  • Your body never lies:  Do you understand what it is saying?
  • Essential oils:   Nature’s first medicine (simple remedies you can use today!)
  • Water: What are you REALLY drinking & What to look for (it’s not what you think!)
  • Detox:  What symptoms are coming from YOUR COLON & what you can do about it!
  • Words:  How YOURS CAN  CHANGE YOUR DNA & create Health or Dis-Ease




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