GLM Discovery – Sacramento


Scripture Says to Love. But How?

“To acquire good sense is to love oneself;
to treasure discernment is to prosper..”
(Proverbs 19:8 CJB)

Learn how LOVE can change your LIFE.

Ever wonder why, when it comes to love (or relationships of all kinds) you keep repeating cycles that are unproductive, unfufilling and often even painful? And how to create a NEW powerful and creative cycle?

Do you feel a hunger to receive and give a deep and authentic love both with a significant other AND in your career by releasing that which is inside you to produce not just a GREAT INCOME but PEACE, SATISFACTION and CONTRIBUTION?

Do you know and speak the 4 love languages?

Do know the language of your loved ones brain lead ?

This will be a life changing seminar! Can’t wait to experience it with you 🙂 

During this half-day you will:

  • Understand what science and scripture teach about love
  • Learn practical strategies to move from criticism & insecurity to abundant love
  • Find your unique love language and learn to speak the love language of those around you
  • Understand how you and  your loved ones give & receive love based on their brain lead
  • Break the chains of self criticism, self sabotage and perfectionism
  • Discover what God really thinks about you!

God, Love and Me Discovery 

Feb 6, 2016 – 3PM – 7PM

Suite 210
2830 G Street
Sacramento, CA



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