We invite you into a conversation.

It’s a new kind of conversation and it’s a conversation that may begin here, but one that we really pray. Will continue with your own conversation with God. No matter what your spiritual relationship may be from curious seeker to one who is intimately connected with God. This is a conversation about Life in the Kingdom. We welcome you.

This conversation includes topics that are not often talked about yet are pressing on many of our hearts in this season. His View was birthed in prayer by women who love God and people. We don’t represent any organization or church. We don’t position ourselves as experts. Although we are skilled in our own area of expertise. We are ordinary women who feel called into this conversation. As we create a conversation around difficult topics we are looking at them from a different view, HisView.


Linda Brown is a holistic mind-nutrition and body health coach. She has been teaching fitness and health for over 40 years. Her goal and hope for each person she works with is abundant health. Her background and education allows her to teach a “COMPLETELY FIT” program, which addresses mindset, physical and emotional health and alignment spiritually. Her heart is for community, and she created TEMPLE TOUGH– a spiritual and community based wellness program, which includes a large network of health minded associates.


Brenda Byers holds degrees in business, nutrition and exercise physiology as well as extensive graduate work in counseling.  She has founded successful international corporations, created and hosted her own cutting-edge sales, health and marketing events, workshops, online events and weekend seminars and retreats for over twenty-five years. Her unique and practical approach has a proven track record of getting results. She is a highly sought out speaker, coach and is Founder of Prosper in All Things, Prosper TV and Prosper By Design Coach Certification.