How a Skilled Coach Can Exponentially Increase Your Income

Good coaching increases incomeOne session with a skilled coach shattered my glass ceiling and sky-rocketed my income!

In the 80’s, I found myself a first time distributor in the nutritional direct selling industry.  In spite of legitimately having all the typical excuses of having no time, no money and no circle of influence, I soared exceeding my full time income of $2200/month in only four months!  For the next six months I found myself absolutely stuck! I flat lined!  No matter how much I prospected, followed up, did presentations, my income would not budge! Desperate, I attended a seminar on money.  Being an eager student I paid the teacher of this seminar for a private coaching session directly following the class.  In that one hour he opened my awareness to unconscious limiting blocks about money I didn’t even know were there.

The proof is in the pudding! (or the income)

The following month after that session my check rose to $3150, the next $5000, then $7000, $10,000, $12000….I had broken my own glass ceiling!  Have you found yourself working harder and harder only to find yourself earning less than your potential?  Sometimes it’s what we don’t know that we don’t know that is keeping us stuck, unfulfilled and out of balance.  Very often just a few visits with a coach is the catalyst for success.

What to look for in a coach

First, find a coach that you like and feel you can trust. Look for a personality, teaching style that is similar to yours and with whom you can relate. If you have a philosophy or religion, find a coach who shares that philosophy.  For example,  if you are looking for biblical wisdom find a Christian coach to help you. In addition, look for a coach that has accomplished what you desire to accomplish.  It is not necessary for your coach to share the same profession as you.  Success principles are transferable to many fields.  Finally, do not let the coaching fee determine your choice. The results from working with a good coach should increase your income exponentially.

Posted by Success Coach Brenda Byers-Im, who has discovered for herself and helped countless others discover how to prosper in ALL areas of life! Look for her free training and join her Prosper in All Things network today at



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Grow your influence!


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