How to Move from Frustration to Fascination

Move from Frustration to Fascination

Do the things people say to you or about you frustrate you?  Watch this very short video as Brenda shares a simple tool that will set you free and move you from frustration to fascination.

What does everyone have and freely give away? The answer is opinions! Have you noticed that everyone has an opinion or point of view on just about everything? Here is another question (that will have the most impact for you).

What do you do when people share there opinion or point of view?

Especially if their point of view is different than yours. Often the words of others frustrate or hurt us.  Many times they “trigger” us and cause us to argue or defend our point of view. Other times we may not say anything but inside we feel offended or discouraged.

Sometimes a word carelessly spoke stays with us for years.  I still remember a kid asking me if I was pregnant when my belly stuck out. I was not. I was only 9 years old!. I’ve been obsessed with working out my abs for over 40 years as a result! This is a comical example but on a more serious note, issues around politics or religion consume a huge amount of our emotional energy. They often lead to arguments, separation and even violence.

A Powerful tool that will set you free forever

The first thing is to remember is that everything a person says is just an opinion.

Just because something is spoken or written does not make it true.

With that in mind, the next time you feel triggered by something someone says consider changing your frustration to fascination.

Begin by saying to yourself, “what an interesting point of view”.

Say it as many times as you need to completely diffuse the emotional charge.

After the wave of emotion subsides, you can go even deeper.  Investigate and ask questions. What influence led them to have that point of view?

The really cool thing is we can use this tool on our own thoughts and words!

So many of our thoughts are not even our own. We picked them up from parents, teachers or culture.

Think about it.  Do you sometimes say things without even thinking?  E.g. Do you automatically tell yourself or others, “We can’t afford that”?

Imagine what could change if we stopped taking our self and others so seriously and realize it’s just an opinion.

And in my opinion, opinions can be changed! 🙂

(Have an opinion about this post?  Please share below.  I promise I will be fascinated!)

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