How Understanding the Brain Increases Rapport

How Understanding the Brain Increases Rapport

The Language of Rapport Part 2


We label ourselves as “right- brained” or”left-brained” with ease. But did you know your brain is actually divided into 4 quadrants? And have you identified which of the four quadrants you operate in with the least energy? Technology has shown each individual is born with an “innate energy advantage”.  Although the brain quadrants work together, each division possesses  distinct functions . Each person has an inborn “brain lead”  in one of those four divisions. Only 1/100th of the energy  is required to operate in that brain lead compared to operating in any  other quadrant. That means to operate outside our innate energy advantage uses 100 times more energy. Knowing and working primarily in your innate energy advantage will reduce procrastination, fatigue and burn out. Knowing the innate energy advantage of your clients  will increase rapport, sales, referrals and retention!

Each quadrant has its own language. This forms the basis for some of the differences we observe in people:

  • The frontal right brain lead uses the  language of mental pictures, metaphors and gestures. Tears are the gesture frequently used by a frontal right.  Those with a Frontal right brain lead like the big picture.
  • The basal right brain lead has a language of harmony. People with a Basal right lead dislike conflict and may even over comply to avoid it.
  • The language of the basal Left is maintaining. Individuals with a Basal left brain lead care most about doing it “right”. They are the most likely to follow procedures and rules. They can become uncomfortable with those who do not.
  • The frontal left division houses inductive and deductive reasoning. Those with a frontal left lead want to make decisions and to be in charge. They may communicate those decisions to others in a directive style.

Consider the brain lead of your customer when creating any written materials. Factor it in when planning a live event or meeting. For Example, when scheduling an appointment with a basal right allow time to build the relationship. This use of time would  likely feel like unnessary fluff to the frontal left who would prefer a set time and goal.  A frontal left may prefer using  concise charts or graphs and a summary paragraph in an email to meeting.  A frontal right would want to know what the big picture is and how it is cutting edge.  They want to know the vision.

Knowledge is power! Speaking the language of each brain lead will greatly  increase rapport, sales and retention.

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