How You Can Create a New Habit (My New Habit of writing 750 Words a Day)

Today I began creating my new habit of writing every day.

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Is there a new habit you know you need to create but you haven’t?

For years  God has spoken to me, “Write, write, write”  Yet I have not and I am not even sure why I haven’t.

I enjoy writing and am fairly competent at it. I understand it is critical for growing my business.

Which leads me  to ask the question,

“Why do we procrastinate and resist the very things that would allow us to step into our greatness?”

I do not have an answer. But I have discovered a solution that works for me. I pray it will help you too. Here is how to create a new habit.

Creating a New Habit:  The 4 c’s of change

I have found there are 4 keys to creating a new habit: Choose, Commit, Create (a new habit and space for it), and  Celebrate.

Choice:  Every New Habit Starts here!

The first step for creating a new habit is to activate my God-given power of choice.

  • Choose to write every day
  • Step into my greatness by choosing to faithfully write every day.
  • Choose to write at least 750 words a day
  • Make an impact by choosing to write things that teach or inspire


When it comes to creating a new habit, commitment is king! The quote by Goethe has impacted my life for over 30 years. It is engraved in my mind. When we commit all of heaven’s resources become available to us.

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too.”

And so I commit to writing 750 words every day.

I know that the next 21-30 days will be the most critical as I form my new habit.

I reinforce my commitment.

  • Write my commitment in my journal.
  • Post it in other prominent places.
  • Tell two friends of my commitment (and now I am telling you)
  • Take action. What is the first step I can do right now?
  • Enroll in so I will have a measurable record of my daily work.

Create Space for your New Habit

To successfully create a new habit I must first create space for my new habit.  This is a foundation for success. I must create space for that which I desire. This old adage is magical,

 “A place for everything and everything in its place”

Assign the new habit a specific time and place.

Choose the time (I will write at 8 am in my home office)

Add reminders. ( I set my alarm on my phone to ring at 8 am.)

(I have also set it to wake me up early enough to be ready to write by 8 am)

Once the habit is created I know it will be easier to continue.


Reinforce the new habit by celebrating daily victories and successes.

I use a desktop calendar with big squares for each day. This calendar allows me to see at a glance what is happening in my life. I can see if my life is in balance.

I use color coding for what I write in my calendar (e.g. green for business and money, pink for friendship, fun, and love, purple for spiritual, red for money going out – bills, etc.)

Write a big “X” for every day that I write. This gives me a feeling of satisfaction and reward.

Using to write will allow me to measure my writing and celebrate milestones. Celebrate:

  • STARTING!  Celebrate your first day!.
  • The first week. wahoo. On a roll.
  • First month.  A new habit is officially formed!
  • 120 days. One-third of a year!
  • One year!  Wow!

What new habit would you like to celebrate this time next year?

Think about a new habit you would like to create.

What would you like to accomplish?

The truth is, a year flies by like a minute!

Scripture says our life is like a vapor.  Here today and gone tomorrow.

We are all going to be one year older whether we take action or not.

So why not make this year different?

Imagine the possibilities if we make this a year of choosing, committing, creating and celebrating?

What is that thing you’ve been wanting to learn (to sing, paint, write, dance, etc.)

What if we made this a year to grow and step into our greatness. A year to enjoy. To laugh, play, experience and love.

What is possible?

I have learned an important principle.

“Consistency creates momentum”

If I stay consistent momentum begins to take over. Rewards will show up in many ways.

I will have written ebooks or books. My blog will be filled with posts. Traffic to my website will increase. I will receive feedback on how an article or post touched someone’s life, be invited to write for a guest post, speak for a podcast, or radio interview.,I may be invited to be on TV or speak at an event. My email list will grow. Leads will be generated. Sales will happen. Income will grow/ There will be.

  • I will have more freedom.
  • New & better choices will be available.
  • Opportunities will multiply.
  • Business Grows
  • My confidence grows
  • My satisfaction and joy increases

I know from past experience when I create one new habit the success of that bleeds into other areas of life.

Success builds upon success.

Experience has taught when I am consistent. Stuff happens!

My dad used to say “the harder I work, the luckier I get”

I have changed that to “the smarter I work the more blessed I get”.

So there you have it.  Day 1of my commitment to write.

750 words.

What about you?  What new habit will you create?

Leave a comment below and I will pray and agree with you.

Praying YOU prosper in ALL things!


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