“I Believe This Could Be our Finest Hour!”

“I Believe This Could Be our Finest Hour!”

What single factor lies within your control and greatly determines the promotions you receive, the size of your income, and the goals you attain?


I recently watched the movie “Apollo 13.” In the intense scene portraying the systems failure and the life or death decisions that had to be made, one crew member focusing on the odds declared, “This is going to be the worst disaster in NASA’s history!”

Sounds like the news today doesn’t it? Daily we are told that our country is experiencing the worst economic disaster in history. Many are shrinking in fear as the “experts” point out that few can make it in an economy like this one.

But the man the NASA crew member was addressing brought a whole different perspective to the situation. He answered his superior, “With all due respect, sir, I believe this could be our finest hour.”

What a drastically different perspective! One saw disaster and failure while the other saw an opportunity to rise above the circumstances and achieve a level of success far above anything they had ever experienced before.

When I look at our current economic climate I see an amazing opportunity for each of us to prosper! I am reminded of the wealth that was produced during the great depression. I ponder on the huge companies that were formed in the ‘70s when inflation was at record highs. In fact, it is this very type of economy that awakens the entrepreneurial spirit within us and forces us to think outside the box and discover new ways to generate income. In the movie I couldn’t help but notice two very different perspectives and the two very different outcomes.  My perspective? I believe this could be our finest hour!

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