Jump Start 2021

7-Day Online Course


Position Yourself For Your Best Year So Far!


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NOW is the time to position yourself to advance boldly into 2021!

With a FRESH mindset, CLEAR goals and NEW strategies.

Imagine…What could YOU manifest after 5 consecutive days of experiencing faith-based:

Guided Meditation/Visualization that increases your awareness, opens your heart to receive and magnetically manifests your God-given desires.

Gratitude Exercise that lifts you out of feeling “stuck” or “empty” and OPENS the FLOODGATES & fills you with JOY.

Affirmations that silence your inner critic and re-wire old limiting neuropathways to create lasting breakthrough

Declarations that move beyond goal setting and release the unlimited God-given potential within you.

Listening & Journal System that gives you deep INSIGHTS into your heart and CONNECTS YOU the HEART of God.

A Daily Action Plan that empowers (stops the energy leaks), eliminates clutter & propels you into your goals, dreams, and desires.

Life-changing beyond my expectations!

I loved several parts of the JumpStart 2021 program – how to enter my promise land (Vision); add visioning into my morning routine; making time to cleanse and clear the spiritual, mental, and physical clutter so I can get unstuck, and a new way to journal. I have already implemented many of the topics shared.

I now see how important it is to de-clutter not only stuff from my life, but also spiritual and mental areas as well. If it does not help me get to my goal, it needs to go. The bonus days had incredible information.

Laura W.

Jump Start 2021

5 Transformational Days to Powerfully Position You for the New Year!

DAY 1  Enter Your Promised Land!  Activate your vision and position yourself to receive all God has for you.

DAY Unclog the Wells!  Cleanse and clear the spiritual, mental and physical clutter that has kept you stuck

DAY 3  Open the Flow!  Stop the physical and financial constipation and enter the New Year energized, creative & focused

DAY 4  Upgrade and Uplevel!  Step into the new mindset, skillset and action plan to advance boldly in the direction of your goals.

DAY 5  Application & Action!  Start 2021 with the daily practices and habits that make this your best year so far.

I believe this program is a treasure.  It has been a life changing experience.

I felt like Brenda shared a lifetime of wisdom with us.  I want to go back and listen to the series again.  There were so many gold nuggets and I feel like I missed some.  Thank you for your generosity!  

I have heard many of these things said over the years but the way you organized the curriculum helped me to hold onto it and see it differently.  I loved that you backed each statement with scripture along with quotes from Tony Robbins and Depoke Chopra etc.  

I loved the visualizations.  It is rare to see someone live out what they say…you truly are a living testimony of what you believe. 

Kellie H.

Jump Start 2021

Brenda is the real deal!  She is led by Holy Spirit and her whole heart is for God & helping women to know their calling & step into it fully!

My experience was life changing and deserves a 10! The program brought so much value to the table & really put into words what I had been feeling in my life. When guidance from Holy Spirit is honed in this way it is the precious jewel we all seek!  The true wisdom beyond all that we know in addition to the amazing knowledge Brenda & this program carry. If you are looking for the fullness of all that God, life has to give you, I highly recommend opening this door to the unlimited giftings that are waiting for you here!

Kristi H.

Jump Start 2021

I Identified the areas that have kept me in a holding pattern and the mindset of lack and overwhelm!  

Definite Breakthrough to two very old patterns and the insight and tools to move in forward motion and identify the areas of improvement going forward into this year and beyond 

Kim R.

Jump Start 2021

Leave 2020 behind & START 2021  READY & REFRESHED!
that will JUMP- START your SPIRIT and BUSINESS for a LIFETIME!

Only $47.00

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Brenda Byers is a Business and Success Coach often referred to as “The Coaches Coach. 

She is the founder of www.prosperinallthings.com, ProsperTV and the creator of the Prosper by Design Coach Certification Program-a comprehensive and step by step, biblically-based, science-backed program to successfully launch and grow a profitable coaching business with confidence!

Brenda is known for helping her clients create powerful business and personal breakthroughs quickly.

Brenda believes God is the business partner of choice. She shares cutting edge science and spiritual wisdom that will set you free and your business soaring.