Get Back on Target with Laser Coaching

Work with a skilled business and success coach to get your life and business back on track for less than $10/day!

What is Laser Coaching?

Laser coaching is an intense and focused form of coaching that is powerful, focused, and results-oriented.  With online calls that last from 5-20 minutes, you work with a skilled coach to get the solutions and direction you need when you most need them.

Get unlimited 5 to 20-minute coaching calls to work on what is most important and urgent for you.

How can I use Laser Coaching?

Laser Coaching is great when you need a highly-focused coaching session specific to the in-the-moment questions or challenges you are facing. Because laser coaching focuses on a single issue or challenge, it allows you to go deeper.

Prayer regarding business, relationship or financial issues

Encouragement when you face a challenging situation when you feel stressed or overwhelmed


Clarity on a business or personal issue

Direction when you are overwhelmed and not sure what to tackle first


Copyediting to craft the exact message to attract your ideal client and sell your program, product or service

Structure the best packages and pricing for your courses, products or programs

Public speaking guidance to fine-tune an upcoming speech or presentation.

Breakthrough when you hit a plateau or feel stuck


Prepare for an important meeting or presentation

Schedule as many online coaching calls you as you desire, whenever you need them, as often as you need them.*  Get things done in manageable and actionable bite-size chunks.

Access a skilled coach that would normally cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars/month for less than $10/day.

I recently completed seven months of Laser Coaching with Brenda. When I signed up, I was very nervous about if I was going to be able to get the results that I wanted. Laser Coaching is 20-minute sessions (once a day, as many days as you want), that you initiate. Many days, Brenda went far over the 20 minutes with me. The results from coaching with Brenda, have far exceeded what I thought was possible. 

The results for me have been: 

  1. My confidence in what I do not only changed, but it is a real part of who I am.
  2. I understand and live the value that I have to offer.
  3. The clarity that I gained about myself and my business has launched me forward.
  4. I’ve gained extensive knowledge on how to run a business online, from marketing, to verbiage, to programs to use, to social media use, getting leads, creating packages and following up. All of it.

Every time that I met with Brenda, she was timely, professional, friendly, uplifting. She walked beside me and kept me going. She has become not only a mentor to me, but a friend.

Now, I go forward each day in my business with the tools and skills to elevate my business to the next level.

Michelle Prososki

Relationship Life Coach, Michelle Pro Coaching

Change your life for less than the cost of a latte and pastry per day!

Only $300 per month

or save with 1 time payment of $3000

*Just one call per day

Not sure if laser coaching is right for you? Schedule a breakthrough strategy call to learn more.