Lessons I’m learning about Resistance while my Writing 750 Words/day

write, writing, blog, procrastination, resistance, Brenda Byers, Prosper in All Things, coachThis post was written on Day 2 of my commitment to write 750 words/day. I am learning much about resistance!

As I reviewed the last  6 months of my journal. I was astounded at how often I had prayed for direction and received the SAME answer, “write.write.write”.

Up till yesterday I still had not.

I can’t help but wonder why not? After all, writing is not a particularly difficult or frightening task for me.  It does not take a lot of time or money. I can do it in as little as one hour a day. And it can make such a huge difference.

Why all the resistance?

This raises many questions. Perhaps you may have asked them as well. Why

  • is it easier to do the things that don’t benefit us than ones that do?.
  • do we procrastinate instead of taking action?
  • do we gravitate towards people, activities, food that do not best serve us?

The  Apostle Paul seemed to have the same dilemma

 “I don’t really understand myself, for I want to do what is right, but I don’t do it. Instead, I do what I hate”. – Rom 7:15 NLT

“Mysteries of the Mind”

For years success guru Jim Rohn recommended a small book called “The Richest Man in Babylon“.

He would remind his audience that It only takes a few hours to read.  At the time it only cost a few dollars. It could change a person’s financial future forever.

He encountered resistance in every city.  It didn’t matter how much he promoted the book.

Most would never read it.

“Mystery of the mind”,  he would say as he shook his head in disbelief.

Fortunately, I did buy it and I did read it and it made all the difference in the world!

But It does raise the question what is this “mystery of the mind?”

Why do we resist doing what we know we should?

And why do we do what clearly is not our best interest?

We know we would look and feel better if we exercised. Yet we don’t

We know we would have more energy and get sick less often if we ate well. Yet we often choose otherwise.

We know if we study or develop our skills we will improve our status in life.

Yet we don’t.

We resist. Instead, we choose to mindlessly scroll through social media or watch meaningless shows on Television or play games on our phone.

We choose to eat ice cream or chocolate cake even though we know we have been packing on extra pounds of fat.

Why do we resist that which is in our best interest?

The only reasonable answers I come up with is fear and laziness.


Fear keeps me asking, “what if?”

  • it doesn’t work?
  • I fail?
  • I get hurt?
  • others reject me?

And those “what ifs” are enough to keep me stuck and playing small!

My mind tells me if I resist it will keep me safe and avoid pain.

But does it work?

What about the pain of…


letting my dream die?

….never loving?

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

Perhaps this is what Henry David Thoreau was describing in the above quote.

Resistance seems to be safe and easy.

But what is the price our souls pay for merely surviving and never truly thriving?.

Or what is the cost of existing but never enjoying the fully expressed life?

[tweetshare tweet=”To never discover how far we can rise.  Or how much we can create.  To never know how God might have worked through us or how we might have impacted our world or those we love. To die without a legacy and be remembered for little.  To leave a minuscule mark in the world. To me, THAT is true pain! and one I choose not to experience -Brenda Byers ” username=”@prosperinall”]


Laziness is another form of resistance. It also keeps me stuck and not advancing.

My mind convinces me it will require too much effort or discipline.

It will take too much energy and after all, I have worked hard and  I am tired.

Doing nothing appears to be an easier and better way.

But is it?

The truth is If I had regularly exercised my mental and physical faculties would be

  • smarter and stronger.
  • look and feel better
  • have a more positive outlook and be more creative.
  • perhaps prevent obesity, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, etc.

My positive energy and being would have likely attracted people, resources, and opportunity.

Breaking through my resistance would likely have produced fruit in the form of more income, innovation or inventions.  These in turn would have led to more choices and freedom.

Another powerful quote by the late Jim Rohn describes it well.

“We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.”

As for me, I am choosing the pain of discipline (which weighs ounces) over the pain of regret (which weighs tons!)

.I am motivated and inspired.

How about you?  I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the subject.

Praying YOU prosper in ALL things


P.S.  As of this posting I just completed day 7 of writing 750 words/day.  It is true, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  What is your next step?  Would you love to have more clarity, purpose and a clear step by step plan to design a business and life you love? Schedule a FREE breakthrough strategy call with me..

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