Manifest Love, Health & Prosperity

Discover God’s Design for YOUR Abundance! 

IMAGINE LIVING your most glorious expression of being created in the image of God

Manifesting is an ART, based on SCIENCE & SPIRITUAL LAWS found in SCRIPTURE.  

EXPERIENCE new insights, fresh revelation, and powerful strategies you can apply immediately to see dramatic TRANSFORMATION

Whether you desire to improve your health, attract the love of your life or create abundance, manifesting can be REAL for you… when you have a proven SYSTEM that harnesses the wisdom of scripture,  hidden power of the BRAIN, medicine of the HEART and latest research on the DNA.  

Tony Robbins, UPW, Brenda Byers, Board Breaking

Only $97  $47

Discover what Science & Scripture teach about MANIFESTING YOUR GOALS, DREAMS & DESIRES quickly

  • RE-IGNITE YOUR PASSION AS YOU GAIN CLARITY on your God-given desires and learn how they reveal your PURPOSE
  • UNDERSTAND the role of your HEART in manifesting and learn how to identify, purify & MAGNETIZE your God-given desires.
  • OVERCOME FEAR and HEAL the HURTS that have been holding you back.
  • DISCOVER how your BRAIN plays a role in OVERCOMING FEAR so you get your BREAKTHROUGH
  • GAIN POWERFUL TOOLS to recognize and OVERCOME LIMITING BELIEFS, patterns & speech and discover what your subconscious is saying through physical symptoms and disease so you MANIFEST HEALTH, ENERGY & WEIGHT LOSS

 5 Days of Eye Opening, Mind Renewing VideoTeachings!

  • Day One:  The role of BELIEFS & Understanding GOD’S TOOL BOX for conscious co-creating
  • Day TWO:  Understand the physical & Spiritual role of your HEART in manifesting your goals, dreams & desires
    What really prevents us from manifesting the desires of our heart.
  • Day THREE:  CORE PRINCIPLES of abundance & prosperity; How to activate FLOW in your life.
  • Day FOUR:  the role of FEELINGS and your HEALTH
  • Day FIVE: the role of FAITH & EXPECTATION, understanding the GESTATION PERIOD, how to create SPACE for what you DESIRE
  • bonus:  The 4 stages of personal and spiritual growth

PLUS:  Comprehensive Interactive Daily Study Guides


Tony Robbins, UPW, Brenda Byers, Board Breaking

Only $97   $47

I invite you to build your life by design and manifest your God-given goals, dreams and desires I have been teaching this class since 2012 and have seen those who have been part of my previous manifest programs triple their income, manifest dream relationships (now married), start businesses, move into dream homes and most of all grown in love.  Will YOU CHOOSE to be next?”– Brenda

Brenda Byers
Business & Success Coach