Mastery for Women Interview

I was blessed  to be interviewed on a Mastery for Women call.  here is the written version. I think you will be encouraged!

Here are the Answers to some of the questions I was asked on this interview:

What was the greatest obstacles you faced in becoming a successful business woman?

I think it was how I viewed money. I grew up in a wealthy but dysfunctional family and really felt money was evil. I had to learn that it was to be used as a tool for good. I also had to realize that my visions and dreams would not immediately match up with what I was seeing in my current circumstances. I had to learn to focus on where I was going not what things looked like right now. To do this I had to be very careful who I listened to and allowed to speak into my life.

How do you balance business and family?

First of all I had to give up on the idea that I was superwoman. I had to realize I could choose to live my life by design and not by default. I deliberately choose how to spend my time and energy. I also orchestrate my life by putting God first, family second then work and health in line after that.

What advice can you give to someone who wants to start their own home-based business?

First of all realize it is going to take large amounts of time and energy. Don’t be fooled into thinking it will be an overnight success. Secondly, choose something that you love to do and will help others. Set careful goals and then do not waver. Move forward with a clear vision and purpose.

How would you define leadership?

To be a leader you must first become the best you can be. As you move forward with purpose and vision others will be inspired by your life and want to follow you. Be willing to share and mentor others using what you have learned along the way.

How does resiliency tie into all of this?

No one goes straight to the top. Success is not about your circumstances but about how you choose to handle them. They are designed to make us better. If we can learn from our circumstances and grow then we can use what we learn to help others.

What are your strategic Priorities?

1- Invest in your relationships both horizontal and vertical.

2- Invest in your health – eat right, exercise and use effective supplements

3-Screen what you allow to go into your mind. Choose your reading and listening material carefully and realize today is positioning you for tomorrow.

4- Whatever you do start with the end in mind.

5-Live a life of generosity.

What words of Wisdom to you have for us ?

Surround yourselves with positive people. Allow them to sow into your life and sow into their lives as well. Guard your words and make sure they speak life to all who hear them.



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