A Common Mistake That Takes Solopreneurs off Course

One common mistake of being a solopreneur is that we attempt to fly solo. We single-handedly attempt to handle all the content creation, marketing, social media management, web site design and management, videographer all while trying to grow and maintain a balanced life!

Say What?!? Are we crazy?!?

Solution in the Early Church

There is an interesting story in the Bible found in Acts chapter 6. The church (the number of disciples) was greatly increasing.  With the growth came complaining.  The Greek-speaking Jews felt slighted. Their widows were neglected when it came to getting relief distribution. They brought the problem to the attention of the twelve apostles.  Their response is fascinating!

It is not appropriate for us to neglect [teaching] the word of God in order to serve tables and manage the distribution of food.” Acts 6:2 AMP

It would be easy to assume this was pride.  Did they think they were too high and mighty to serve? Or was it actually wisdom?

Fulfilling Our Divine Assignment as Solopreneurs

We see here the power of delegation. As solopreneurs, we can learn a thing or two. They were to carefully choose others to fulfill that role. This would in turn allow the Apostles (leaders) to keep their focus on their Divine call.

Therefore, brothers, choose from among you seven men with good reputations [men of godly character and moral integrity], full of the Spirit and of wisdom, whom we may put in charge of this task.  But we will [continue to] devote ourselves [steadfastly] to prayer and to the ministry of the word.” Acts 6:3-4 AMP

In the Joyce Meyer commentary she writes

“If you find yourself struggling to do something, and you do not have the help you need, you might need to ask yourself if you are doing the right thing.  Why would God ask you to do something then sit by and watch you be frustrated and miserable because the burden is too much?  God meets all our needs, including the people we need to work alongside us.

Acts 6:2-4 gives an example of this act of wisdom.  Had the apostles not recognized their need for help, their priorities would have remained out of line. Their true assignment unfulfilled.  They would have ended up frustrated and just like the people they were trying to serve they could have lost their peace and therefore their power.

This was so good I had to read it twice! 

This chapter clearly shows the downward spiral:

Priorities get out of alignment => Unfulfilled Divine Assignment =>Frustration => Loss of Peace

I have learned as an entrepreneur I can not fulfill my Divine Assignment alone.  It is a futile effort that results in frustration, burnout, and the loss of peace.

The Solution

As a solopreneur it is critical that you create time to work ON your business and not only IN your business. Working in your business includes creating content, serving your clients, follow-up, etc. Working on your business is stepping back and evaluating what is working and what needs to be improved. It is the time for strategic planning, scheduling, and implementing new systems.

In the above chapter the Apostles did not jump in and start working in their business by waiting tables. They were able to step back, create and implement a plan. This plan included finding qualified people who have a good reputation and character.

Schedule at least 1 hour/week or 1 day/month to work on your business. Ask yourself:

  1. Where am I? (look at metrics like number of leads, clients, social media contacts, etc.)
  2. Where do I desire to be?
  3. What:
    • Does success look and feel like?
    • Do I need to get there?
    • Is working well?
    • Do I need help with?
    • Do I need to learn?

Another great question (and resource) is the book by Tom Hanson “Who will do what by when?”

Being a Solopreneur Doesn,t Mean You Must Fly Solo.

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For more reading see “Peace Busters – 5 things that steal peace (and how to get it back). You may also enjoy, “How to Encourage Yourself When You Feel Like Giving up”

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