Money & an 8 Year-Old’s Mindset

Your mindset about money was formed somewhere around the time you were eight years old. Perhaps you can still vividly recall an experience in your childhood that made an indelible impression on you. For many, a bondage to that eight-year-old’s mindset plays a hidden role in their financial struggles. A gas/brake, love/hate relationship with money often leads to sabotage, compulsive behavior or being “stuck” financially.

I was listening to a speaker at a recent networking event who shared her struggles and breakthrough around money. She spoke of her parent’s divorce and a painful memory of her dad driving her to school one day and suddenly dumping an envelope full of money on her lap telling her, “See that! That is exactly what it is costing me to support you! “ That moment changed her view of money forever.

I also hold poignant memories around money. I grew up in a very affluent life style in Southern California. It was a gated community within a gated community. We had a swimming pool in my living room, complete with bush gardens all around it and Niagara Falls flowing into it. We had rock diving boards and a fire pit right there in the living room. The bedrooms all overlooked the pool. The house was huge and included a riding arena and horse barns. I grew up with parties that were catered and movie stars showed up all the time. We had limo drivers and every kind of luxury you can imagine.

However, I also grew up with some other very significant things. I grew up with alcoholism and drug addiction in the family. I grew up watching Christmas trees go through windows, ashtrays go flying through fish tanks, and all the dishes being shattered on the floor. I grew up with Nordstrom wardrobes being burned up in a bonfire in the front yard. I would come home from school to see glasses broken and my mom slicing her wrists with the broken glass.

I also grew up unconsciously holding that eight-year-old’s mind-set that formed the belief that, “Money causes incredible pain, violence, craziness, insanity”. I would not discover that mind-set and belief system buried deep in my subconscious for many years.  When I did, it changed everything! It set me free and caused my income to sky-rocket!   How about you?  Do you have childhood memories around money? They are more important than you may have thought.

Posted by Success Coach Brenda Byers-Im, who has discovered for herself and helped countless others discover how to prosper in ALL areas of life! Look for her free training and join her Prosper in All Things network today at

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