How a Morning Routine Improves Your Health and Success (Part 1)

How having a morning routine improves your life

“What advice would you give to someone wanting to improve their life?”,Brian Tracy asked,

“To have a morning routine of personal growth”, I answered.

“Ah yes, the golden hour is the rudder of the day”, Brian replied

 Having a Success Mindset is a Habit

A routine that includes gratitude, affirmations, visualization, meditation and reading improves mental and physical health. It also raises perspective. Instead of the television, computer or frantic pace of life setting your perspective, a morning routine puts you in control. It allows you to form the habit of having a mindset of success and build your life by design and with intention.

When we focus on the things that we lack or that frustrate us, we become tense. Both our health and creativity diminishes. Incorporating only five minutes of focusing on what we are grateful for improves our relationships and health.

A 2012 study published in Personality and Individual Differences showed grateful people experience fewer aches and pains.  Research done by Robert A. Emmons, Ph.D confirms that gratitude increases happiness and reduces depression.

Only 10 Minutes a Day!

Research also shows only ten minutes of daily meditation increases the grey matter of the brain. Gyrification (folding) of the brain associated with memory also increases. Only eight weeks of mindfulness meditation showed decreases in brain cell volume in the amygdala; responsible for fear, anxiety, and stress.  Several studies have also shown that meditation can be effective in helping people recover from addictions.

 Tips for creating a great morning routine.

  1.  Commit to 21 days of doing your morning routine before you decide if it is working for you.
  2. Set your alarm at least one hour earlier than usual.
  3. Follow a set schedule to develop the new habit.  Use a timer to remind you.

Example of a 30 Minute Morning Routine: 

  • 5 minutes silence (I enjoy doing yoga stretching)
  • 5 minutes gratitude – List in journal  5-10 new things you are grateful for.
  • 5 minutes– Write & say  goals/affirmations.

Use the positive present tense. Start with “I AM”. Use in combination with visualization or looking a vision board as you speak them. (you can also add EFT)

  • 10 minutes – Read from scripture or a positive book
  • 5 minutes – Meditate and pray on what readnote:  Add 15 minutes of exercise to be completely ready for your day. You can incorporate additional sections or more time to each  as you become accustomed to the habit.

Empowering Questions

End your morning exercise by asking,

“What is the single most (or top 3) most important action(s) I can do today to advance in the direction of my goals, dreams and desires?”

Then “just do it”.  Give your undivided attention to the first item on your list until it is completed. You will be amazed at the results 🙂

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