Partnering with God in Business

Partnering with God in BusinessExcerpted from Cracking the Success Code featuring Brian Tracy and Brenda Byers-Im

“When our eldest daughter was a year old, she had a reaction to her immunizations that caused a serious auto-immune disorder.  We could not find answers or hope in either traditional, western medicine or alternative treatments and therapies.

In desperation we turned it over to God in prayer, saying, “This is your little girl.  We have done all we know how to do.”  Amazingly, that’s when the answers began to arrive. Hours and hours of research, a multitude of long-distance calls and international travel that included meeting more than 20 scientist, researchers and nutritionists around the world resulted in a nutritional formula that synthesized wisdom and ingredients from three continents….Little did we know that this formula would go beyond helping our daughter to become a best selling product that God would use to bring healing and hope to thousands of people…

I couldn’t conceive of God being interested in my business let alone the idea of partnering with him in business.  Wow, was I mistaken! I have since discovered that God wants to be my partner – in business and all of life!  As I have learned to yield to this partnership, he has given me far greater potential than anything I could have done in my own strength.  I have filled more than twenty journals with the miracles that I have seen in the marketplace, and I can confidently say with God as CEO, I have more creativity, more boldness and more resources!”

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