Plan Has to Fit You

So many times we make plans for what we THINK we should do.  Wouldn’t it be better to create a plan that actually works for who your are, and how you are wired?  …a plan that fits what God intended you to be and do?

Learning your unique brain wiring, and your spiritual wiring will help you create an action plan that WORKS.  We do this together in our workshops and live events, or we have training DVDs and resources that can help you.  Just visit the products page, or the events page on our website.

Posted by Success Coach Brenda Byers-Im, who has discovered for herself and helped countless others discover how to prosper in ALL areas of life! Brenda has a special gift for you just for joining her Prosper in All Things network today at

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Time Management Secrets of Jesus


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Grow your influence!


Grow your influence!


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