Prosperity Really Shouldn’t Have to Wait!

We get results SO fast that our God, Money & Me live event is actually 2-days jam-packed into one…because Prosperity really shouldn’t have to wait!  Check out this unbelievable schedule!

God, Money and Me Jam-Packed Agenda
(Results in 1 Day Because Prosperity Can’t Wait!)

9:00-9:10       Opening and Welcome:  Bralynn – Intro Brenda

9:10  9:45       Intro Session: God Money and Me?  Most of us begin our life and business with a dream of a lifestyle and making a difference only to find our self  running against the wind;  procrastinating, exhausted, burned out and unfulfilled.  There is a reason!  Discover how working with (and not against) your brain wiring and spiritual wiring can take you from running against the wind to having the wind beneath your wings!

–          History & Vision of Prosper in All Things LLC Learn the story behind the birth of  PIAT and Brenda’s personal story of being trapped in perfectionism and performance until one day she discovered how to “Cast out the slave woman and send her away forever” and how YOU can too!
Discover what it Means to Prosper in All Things!

9:45-10:15       Session I:  Getting YOUR Breakthrough: The Secret to LEAVING the OLD and ENTERING the NEW.  This powerful interactive life-lesson will leave you inspired, challenged and empowered to step into your dreams!                 

10:15-10:45     Session II:  Permanently Shatter YOUR Limiting mind-sets & beliefs around God, Money and Yourself! Do you have the income to fully live your dream or do you find yourself financially stuck?  If you are not where you want to be financially then you HAVE limiting beliefs.  Shatter them forever with these powerful teachings and practical strategies!

10:45- 11:00    BREAK  (special break-time treats and pampering)

11:00-12:00     Session III:  Understand Your Brain’s Innate Energy Advantage. Modern PET Scan technology has revealed you were born with an innate brain energy advantage.  Discover how to work with and not against your unique energy advantage to reduce procrastination, illness, and early aging to enjoy your career, relationships and life.

12:00- 12:45    LUNCH Provided   (Enjoy special relaxing pampering activity too!)

 12:45- 1:30      Session IV:  INTERACTIVE ACTIVITY:  Learning the Language, Strengths, Weaknesses, & Activities of each Brain Lead.  Continue your discovery and understanding of the four brain leads and how to apply it for greater results in your business and professional life.

1:30- 2:00         Session V:  The Laws of Prosperity.  We teach our kids not to jump off a building (the law of gravity) and yet most of us are ignorant of the laws of prosperity.  Working with these laws leads to prosperity! Violating them will keep you from financial success.

2:00-2:20          BREAK  (Special break-time treats and pampering)     

2:20 – 3:00       Session VI:  Staying in Your Lane:  Discovering Your Purpose, Passion and Specific Assignment. Many of us (especially women) try to be all things to all people only to find ourselves frazzled, confused, exhausted and accomplishing very little. Enjoy clarity and peace as you discover your unique life-assignment.

3:00- 3:30         Session VII:  Taking Action to Prosper in All Things. Learn and implement proven strategies to help you restore balance and prosper in all areas – Physically, Financially, Relationally and Spiritually!

3:30-4:00          Session VIII:  Pulling out all the Tools:  Creating a strategy  to  successful use proven tools such as Journals, Affirmations, Dream Boards, and Brenda’s “Miraculous Morning Routines”.

4:00 -5:00         Session IX:  Putting it all together. Bring together the best of the Triple Crown Prosperity Plan™.  Incorporating YOUR unique brain wiring and spiritual wiring to create a custom 90-day Plan that includes your vision, actions (ranked), Master Schedule, Daily Commitment, Financial and Growth Plan.  Leave empowered and focused!

5:00-5:15          Session X: For yourself but not by yourself!  Where to go from here:  Practical strategies and tools to renew your mind, launch a lifetime of learning and add accountability for maximum success!

5:15-5:30          Wrap Up:  Special Closing Reflections.  Enjoy these special treats to celebrate and close out your day of transformation!

Preview CALLS: Tuesdays, Oct. 9th at 6PM, Oct. 16th at 3PM & 6PM.  712.775.7100  933696#      

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Grow your influence!


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