Great Quotes & Lessons from The Art of Racing in the Rain

Overview of The Art of Racing in The Wind Movie

I knew from the moment I heard the promo for the Art of Racing in the Rain that it was a movie I needed to see.  I am a dog lover and a faithful Golden Retriever was an integral part of my family during my childraising years. But when I heard the sound bites I knew this was more than just another dog movie! Some of the quotes I gleaned from this movie are worth far more than the price of admission!

The movie is directed by Simon Curtis and is about a wise old dog named Enzo (narrated by Kevin Costner), who takes us through the life lessons he gained from his life with his race car driving owner, Denny Swift (Milo Ventimiglia) and family. Throughout the movie, Enzo dedicates himself to understanding humans and the life of Denny.  He sometimes goes with Denny to the racetrack where he discovers that he absolutely loves everything about racing.

From puppy to the wise old dog Enzo is the wise and faithful friend who loves Denny through marriage, the birth of a daughter and the tragedies of life.  In the process, the wise old dog develops and shares with us some powerful philosophies on life.

My Favorite Quotes & Lessons

  1. “In racing, they say that your car goes where your eyes go. The driver who cannot tear his eyes away from the wall as he spins out of control will meet that wall”

So many of us focus on what we DONT want or what we FEAR and end up there!  The adage “what you focus on expands” is confirmed by Scripture “by beholding we are changed“- 2 Cor 3:18 and quantum physics that matter is changed based on the observer.  Moral of the story: keep your focus on what is good and on what you desire. “Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.” Phil. 4:8 NLT

  1. The best drivers don’t dwell on the future or the past. The best drivers focus only on the present.

What a fantastic quote on the subject of mindfulness!  If you are not familiar, mindfulness means being present and living in the now.

Research is making a strong case for practicing mindfulness.  Studies show it reduces depression, anxiety, and helps us lose weight. It helps us fall asleep faster, increases focus and concentration. It makes us better listeners and even causes us to enjoy sex more.

If you are at all like me then you have a tendency to always be somewhere else. E.g. when you are at work you think about home. And when you are at home you thinking about unfinished things at work. And, in general, we tend to spend a great deal of our time thinking about the past or worrying about the future?

The best drivers (in life) live in the now!

  1. No race was ever won in the first corner, but many have been lost there

From the fable of the Tortoise and the Hare to the Olympics, the message of this quote is clear that it is not how we start the race but how we finish. Stephen Covey’s 2nd habit from his legendary book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People tells us to begin with the end in mind.  Scripture too tells us to count the cost before beginning and often compares life to a race encouraging us to finish strong.  Timothy said, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful” -2 Tim 4:7.  Paul admonishes us to “Run in such a way as to get the prize.” 1 Cor 9:24

No race was ever won in the first corner but it is possible to lose there.  How often do we set New Year’s resolutions only to forget them by the second week? Although setting goals and intentions and getting started are essential it is how we finish that will determine the course of our life.

  1. No one knows what curves life will throw at you, but if a driver has the courage to create his own conditions, then the rain is simply rain

My favorite part of this quote is the end.  “The rain is simply rain“.  How often do we add so much meaning and drama to the circumstances in our life?  Life is filled with ups and downs.  But these are simply circumstances (rain) until we attach a meaning that they are “good” or “bad” or worse yet we carry that circumstance and meaning into our future and imagine that this is how it will always be. This triggers a cascade of stress hormones in our body often leading to sickness and disease. It shuts down our creativity and often keeps us stuck.  We don’t know what curves life will throw at us, but if we have the courage to create our own conditions then the rain is simply rain!

  1. There is no dishonor in losing the race. There is only dishonor in not racing because you are afraid to lose.

What a great way to say get in the race!  This is one of the most amazing characteristics of us humans.  We are afraid to fail so we don’t try.  And this guarantees that we fail.  If only we could look at life as a continual experiencing and replace the meaning of “loss” and “failure” with “lesson” and “experience”. In my recent post, “Lessons I’m learning about Resistance while my Writing 750 Words/day” I share why we often avoid that which can most benefit us and what to do about it.

Almost every great leader experienced “failure” before they experienced success. Most of us know Bill Gates from Microsoft but did you know he first created a product called Traf-O-Data that never got off the ground?  Steve Jobs is known for his success with Apple but his past is filled with defeats.  One of the greatest lessons I received from my father is watching him start many companies that failed only to create successful ones after.  The key once again is the meaning we attach to our experiences.

  1. But for now, all I want is one more lap. Faster, Denny. Faster.

I cried during this scene. With the wisdom that comes with old age, In this quote we feel Enzo’s desire to fully experience his life. This is a great summary of all the lessons above.  If we keep our eyes on what we desire, stay in the present, be willing to try and commit to finishing well then we like Enzo can enjoy every last lap of our life with gratitude and glee

As for me, all I want is to fully live, love and experience one more lap!  How about you? <3

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