The Resurrect Your Spirit and Business Experience
April 12-16 2022 (7-8 am PST)

For Christian Coaches, Consultants, and Ambitious Women who are tired of letting FEAR control their lives…
Desire to ACCESS ALL the gifts that God has placed in them…

“I believe the supernatural should be natural! My heart is for every single person who participates in this week to discover the POWER that is available IN them and THROUGH them ” – Brenda

I have good news and bad news for you.

Let’s start with the bad one.

Or better…

Before I tell you the bad news, let me ask you:

Do you feel your morning time with God become a dry and unproductive ritual of merely going through the motions?

Is fear holding you back from taking bold actions and living a more peaceful and positive life?

Do you want to integrate into every area of your life and build a stronger relationship with God?

And the most important one…

Do you really want to experience resurrection POWER in EVERY area of your life?

If you answered “YES” to all the questions above, then here’s what I can tell you:

The reason why you’re not living the life God wants you to live is because…

You didn’t have the opportunity to unlock (or discover) the God-given gifts within you.

You probably didn’t have the right guidance, support, and beliefs’ system to see the TREMENDOUS power in you.

And there is nothing you can do to change the past.

That’s the BAD news.

“So, what’s the good news Brenda?”

Well, the good news is…

You can FINALLY access the God-given power in you and drastically change your life.

And here’s another great news:

You can do it in as little as 5 days.

Yes, you read that right

You just need 5 days to Resurrect & Release all the gifts that God has placed in you.

The Spirit of God, who resurrected Jesus from the dead, lives in you.

– Rom 8:11 (NLT)

During these 5 days you’ll:


Learn how to use affirmations EFFECTIVELY. This will help you re-wire your old limiting neuropathways & create lasting breakthrough (in other words, you will develop new winning beliefs to level up)


Discover how easy it is to experience joy, peace, and positivity by simply practicing SPECIFIC gratitude exercises


Get inspirational teachings that show you scripture & science that opens new possibilities


Understand the power of visualization and how it can literally change the way how you operate daily (Do this, and you’ll also start changing your habits…and become the confident woman you want to become)


Know the Prayer & Journaling System that gives you deep insights into your heart and the heart of God


Get the step-by-step Action Plan that will guide and propel you into creating the life you love (the action plan is very action-driven, not fluffy theory or some fake “guru” plans that you can find online for free)

And much, much more!!!

Interesting, right?


I know you’re probably thinking, “Brenda, this sounds too good to be true”

You see…

I have 25+ years of business experience (and I was the founder of 7-figure companies)…

And after coaching hundreds of Christian women, here’s what I can say:

Please, don’t take my word.


I want you NOT to take my word…and take theirs:

Now more than ever it is time to boldly step into your Divine Purpose and Calling

Register by April 5 and get access to the God-given potential in you

Only $97

( Regular Price – $147 )

APRIL 12-16 2022 (7-8 AM PST)

“My thoughts are more confident and the crust is falling off! I love how you bring the Word to life! It inspires me and is making me go deep!” -Darlene

“I’m not a morning person but God is just waking me up! I am really enjoying” – Carol G.

“I feel a restoration taking place!  This is VERY powerful game changer.  Exactly what I needed.” – Kim R.

“Powerful! I highly recommend this course.” – Trina

“As I am spending time with the Lord, He placed on my heart to write and say thank you for everything I am learning through what you are teaching!  I have been so blessed as I have spent time with God each day since Resurrection week.”
– Robin

“If you want to understand why what you’ve been doing up to this point isn’t working, this course is for you!”  –  Linda

Now more than ever it is time to boldly step into your Divine Purpose and Calling

Register by April 5 and get access to the God-given potential in you

Only $97

( Regular Price – $147 )

APRIL 12-16 2022 (7-8 AM PST)


Q. How do Resurrect Your Spirit and Business calls work?

A. Every morning for 5 days we will meet online (by zoom or phone) to share in a life-changing experience…

Q. What if I can’t attend live?

A.  No problem each day you will receive the recording from the call.

Q. What if I attended in previous years?

A.  You can take the course at 50% off! The calls are new and fresh each year.  You are different and so are the calls.

Q. Is anything else included?

A.  You also receive interactive templates to ensure you get the most from your training.

Register by April 5 and get access to the God-given potential in you