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kellie h.

In December of 2020 I decided to hire a Business Coach. Prior to doing so, I ran a Multi-Million Dollar construction company and a Non Profit for women, but I had hit a wall and needed guidance to help move the Non Profit forward. Making the decision to commit to one year with Brenda was a big leap, one I am so grateful I took. This Decision really wasn’t a commitment to Brenda, it was a commitment to myself. It showed that I believed in what God was calling me to do.
Over the last several months Brenda has helped me to place a strong foundation under the ministry. We have set goals and she has helped me to follow through with the goals. She has an amazing business sense, as well as a complex understanding of how the mind works best. She has taken into account the way God has designed me and placed order around His design.
Brenda has met with my team to educate and give guidance. She is generous with her years of experience and wisdom. Her confidence in me has given me confidence to invest in the vision God has given me.
Once I experienced and benefitted from the Business Coaching I decided to do her Life Coaching program. It has been life changing and I know I will use all the tools she has given me for God’s glory and the benefit of the women I work with. I am forever grateful to Brenda and I look forward to what this year holds.


if you need a business or life coach, look no further. I worked with Brenda for 3-4 months. I felt frustrated with my business. Even though I had devoted countless hours, I wasn’t getting the return I desired. I was burnt out and spinning my wheels. Brenda helped me to identify my goals and narrow my focus. She helped me to optimize my website and change the language to better reach my audience. All I can say is that I was blown away. She is so knowledgeable with tools readily available for each part of the process. With Brenda’s help and advice, we decided should create a membership for all I had to offer. To date, I now have 80 members and growing. I am so thankful to Brenda for her expertise, motivation, support, and love. I consider her not only a wonderful coach but now a friend. Thank you, Brenda. Much love.


Working with Brenda has been absolutely life-changing. From the moment we met, I knew that she and I were going to form a special bond. Brenda is blessed with the gift of being able to take The Word of God and turn it into applicable steps for you to advance in your personal life and business journey. Brenda is my accountability, my coach, and my friend. She will bring out the absolute best in you and force growth, transformation, and prosperity. I am so blessed to be working alongside her and I would recommend her services to anyone who was looking to make lasting change in their life.

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Brenda Byers holds degrees in business, nutrition and exercise physiology as well as extensive graduate work in counseling.  She has founded successful international corporations, created and hosted her own cutting-edge sales, health and marketing events, workshops, online events and weekend seminars and retreats for over twenty-five years. Her unique and practical approach has a proven track record of getting results. She is a highly sought out speaker, coach and is Founder of Prosper in All Things, Prosper TV and Prosper By Design Coach Certification. Brenda believes God is the business partner of choice and reveals cutting edge science behind biblical truths that will set you free and set your business health and relationships soaring.