Secure Your Spot on the Women Like Me Cruise! – Nov. 6-9, 2020

Women Like Me is Taking to the Sea
Get ready to cruise, collaborate and create!

Postponed till 2021

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On November 6, 2020, Like-minded savvy women who are in alignment with the WLM vision to inspire, empower and gain strength from WITHIN (individually and collaboratively) so as to be better able to serve the Women Like Me WITHOUT will sail from the shores of Long Beach California to cruise along the beautiful Baja coast.


Learn More and secure your spot with only a $50 refundable deposit before March 1, 2020!

This will not be an ordinary cruise!

Imagine what can happen when Women Like Me come together to explore their talents and grace gifts and discover how we can be free to just BE?

Spend quality time in the sunshine and fresh air with Women Like Me while you watch dolphins play along the beautiful Baja coast (including a day in Ensenada).

Forge powerful connections and glean wisdom from leaders on board during four relaxing, non-rushed days.

Build meaningful relationships as you discover ways to collaborate.

Learn and grow at the women Like Me Conference during a day at sea.  Powerful speakers and interactive activities help you and your business grow!

And you do not need to let money stop you from enjoying this powerful opportunity!  This cruise is so affordable nearly everyone can afford it. (Budget approximately $45/mo. and you are there!)

Secure your spot today!

Cruise and Collaborate!

Do you long to make meaningful connections with women on purpose but find your schedule keeps that from happening?

Do you desire to create change in your own life and that of others and realize that it cannot happen in isolation?

The answer is Collaboration.

Collaboration is defined as,

“The identification, release, and union of all the gifts in the community for the purpose of a common mission.” – “Uniting Our Gifts in Ministry” by Loughlan Sofield and Carroll Juliano

Collaboration can happen when

  1. God directs and inspires (breath into) us to move past our fears in order to play bigger.
  2. Quality time with like-minded women so we can know, like and trust each other (at the heart level)
  3. Discover our gifts and recognize and appreciate each other’s gifts (instead of comparing and competing!)
  4. Align and unite to share our time, treasures and gifts towards a common mission and vision
  5. We slow down, refresh, rejuvenate long enough to hear from God clearly.

Imagine the possibilities when we come together to explore our talents and grace gifts and how we can impact Women Like Me who are not free to just BE. 

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How often do you get to truly know the women like you that you admire?  There is nothing like a few days with no appointments, no phone, and no stress to clear your mind and build powerful connections!

  • Refresh to open your mind
  • Rejuvenate your creativity
  • Discover new possibilities and resources
  • Create meaningful connections and collaboration
  • Multiply your impact for the world

Those who attended the Women Like Me Event experienced something amazing!  The sense of God’s Presence and the unity within diversity was incredible!  Love was in the room.  No women left untouched. Creativity, talent, and vision were unleashed!

The Women Like Me event was only the beginning…

The BEST is yet to come!

Register Today! 

The event speakers, the relationship building and the growth you experience will be life-changing!

A final word:

In my talk on the lowly dandelions, I shared its resiliency (ability to push through the hard times) is based on two things:

  1. A large taproot (scripture says our taproot is love!)
  2. Its many branches surrounding the taproot (this is the collaborative sisterhood of WLM)

Imagine your life rooted and grounded in love and surrounded by precious sisters that collaborate and affirm you instead of competing with you!

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Too long have individuals and individual organizations duplicated efforts and existed on minimal resources. You do not need to do this alone.  There is so much power in collaboration!

This cruise will be unforgettable and life-changing!

To learn more:  Cruise Details and available cabins click HERE or the Cruise Information Tab above. Once cabin selected click the REGISTER NOW button next to the cabin category you wish to book. OR you can click on the REGISTER tab at the top of the page. Prices are per person based on double occupancy and include port fees, taxes, gratuities and event fees.

Note:  Yes you CAN bring your spouse or family.  There will be a Women Like Me Conference on the ship the day we are at sea which is for women only.

More information to follow including a pre-cruise reception the evening before.

For questions about the cruise contact


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Grow your influence!


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