Thanksgiving Blessings!

As the leaves change colors, the fireplaces are lit and friends and families come together, I have been reflecting on gratitude (I have a lot!) and the role perspective plays on our ability to experience gratitude.

Perhaps your circumstances are blurring your ability to experience gratitude.  One obstacle to a life of gratitude is our human tendency to take our current circumstance and extend it into the future.  One of the most freeing revelations I’ve had is the awareness that whatever I’m experiencing, no matter how hard, is only NOW.  It is no reflection on tomorrow, next year or even 5 minutes from now.  Circumstances change!  Perspective is life-changing!

Let me share this story as an example

A son came home and informed his father that he had wrecked the family car.  The fathers face flushed with frustration.  The car was nearly brand new and still not paid for.  The son then explained what lay behind the wreck. He had taken up using recreational drugs and while under the influence he had crashed into the neighbor’s yard.  The damage would be over $25,000.  Now the father could feel his blood pressure rising.  They were already hard pressed financially with creditors calling daily.  How would he ever come up with such a large amount of money?  The son then went on and said that same night he had lost his virginity and gotten his girlfriend pregnant.  Every cell in the father’s body constricted into a spasm of frustration, anger, fear and countless other emotions rolled into one.  When it appeared the father would have a full blown heart attack.  The son smiled and said, “Just kidding dad. I didn’t wreck the car or have sex with my girlfriend.  But I did get a “D” on my science report”

Ah,   the amazing power of perspective!

To the parent who has lost a child, the nagging around having a clean room now seems petty.  If asked the question, “what would you give now to spend 5 minutes with that child?”  The answer would be “Anything! Everything!”   Well, most of us have the opportunity this thanksgiving to grab that 5 minutes!

Having the perspective of gratefulness will improve your health, attract more of the good things in your life and allow you to enjoy all the gifts life has for you.

I am grateful for God allowing me to birth Prosper in All Things LLC.  One of the greatest joys in life is knowing our purpose, living it and experiencing the contentment of seeing it transform the lives of others God puts in our path.  I am blessed to be experiencing all three of these this season.  The “God Money and Me Event” was one of the highpoints in my life so far.  Hearing how the lives of those attending were transformed, having more balance, more peace and fulfillment and having the flow of income increase is icing on the cake!

In case you missed it here is a 2-½ minute clip that will bless you.

I am grateful for all of you in my life.  Thank you for your insights, your support and your love in helping me to grow into all God has for me.

Praying YOU prosper in All things this season of thanksgiving!


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