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Brain Lead Rapport“I’m right brained” or “I’m left brained” are comments most of us grasp.  We tend know in which of the two hemispheres of the brain we prefer to operate. Although most are aware of the terms right brained or left brained labeling of the two hemispheres, few understand much about the anatomy of the brain much less its function.

PET (Positron Emission Tomography), which can create images of cross sections of the brain, has shown that two fissures create four distinct divisions of the cerebrum: two anterior (frontal) and two posterior (basal). Although the brain parts work together, each division possesses some distinct functions. Most people are believed to have an energy advantage in one of those four divisions, often referred to as a “brain lead.” The individual’s special division can “think” using 1/100th of the energy that is required in any of the other three cerebral divisions.

Each cerebral division has its own language, as well, which forms the basis for some of the differences we observe in people.  For example, the language of the Frontal right division involves internal mental pictures, metaphors, and gestures, with tears being the natural gesture of deeply-felt emotion. Those with a Frontal right brain lead like the big picture. The Basal right division has a language of harmony. People with a Basal right lead dislike conflict and may even over comply to avoid it. The language of the Basal Left is maintaining. Therefore, individuals with a Basal left lead are concerned with doing it right and are the most likely to follow procedures and rules carefully. They can become uncomfortable with those who do not. The Frontal left division houses inductive-deductive reasoning. Those with a Frontal left lead want to make decisions and to be in charge. They may communicate those decisions to others in a very directive style.

Learning to recognize and speak the language of each brain lead as well as learning to create the environment natural to that brain lead will go a long way towards building rapport.  For example an appointment with a basal right should be in a harmonious environment filled with comfort with lots of time for building the relationship.  This would most likely be considered unnecessary fluff to the frontal left who would like you to set a specific time with a specific goal to be accomplished during that time.  Presenting him or her concise charts or graphs and a summary of the desired outcome would be sufficient.  A frontal right would want to know what the big picture is and how it is cutting edge.  They will enjoy being engaged in your vision.   Truly each brain is unique and wonderfully created.

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