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Know, Like & Trust with Instant RapportDoes your income depend on sales? Learning to ask open ended questions can mean the difference between having a successful sales career or not.  An example of such a question could be, “What is most important to you in selecting your car?”  Hidden in the answer to questions such as this one are powerful clues to gaining a deeper understanding of your prospect, customer or team member.

Asking questions not only helps you know what is important to them but it can also help you detect which of the three sensory modalities is their preference (the way their brain processes sensory information quickest and with most impact).

Suppose three people were asked to respond to this question:  “What is most important to you about your clothes?” “I want to look good in my clothes when I see myself in the mirror.” would be a comment most likely heard from someone with a visual sensory preference.  “I want to feel comfortable in my clothes all day long,” would be an answer from someone with a kinesthetic preference. “I want to avoid any rustling from fabric or jingling of zippers in my clothing,” might come from someone with an auditory sensory preference.

Learning to speak the language of each of the three sensory preferences is a powerful rapport building skill that will greatly increase your likelihood of more appointments, sales and referrals and retention! 

Imagine being lost in France and everyone trying to guide you in French and you speak English.  Suddenly someone appears speaking perfect English. Relieved you may feel like you found your new best friend! Likewise, becoming aware of visual sentences such as “I don’t see it that way” or “Looks like a good idea to me”, auditory phrases such as “I hear you” and “Sounds like a plan” and kinesthetic lines like “I just don’t feel right about it” and “I have a gut feeling we shouldn’t do that” allows you to powerfully apply the concept of mirroring and speak in their sensory language.

For example, suppose you were selling a new home and your prospect said “I love the smell of all the woodwork in this home.”  You could reply “Wait till you take in the scent from all the pine trees in the back yard!” Your client would feel both listened to and understood.

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