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Thank You and Welcome!

Here is Your First Gift: click the link at the bottom to get your FREE ebook:

The Time Management Secrets of Jesus

This book is a few of the timeless time management secrets (beautiful life principles) I gleaned studying the Master.  I pray you are blessed by it

Praying YOU prosper in ALL things!

-Brenda, Founder Prosper in All Things


P.S.  Over the next, you will receive emails with “goodies” including the popular “Why affirmations Don’t Work” video series. You will also receive regular newsletters with tools, tips and resources to grow your faith and your business.

But first we need to be sure you get them! 

Here’s what you can do ASAP to be sure you never miss a single email.  

Be sure to whitelist  I work hard to never spam and only send what I believe will be most helpful.  Here are the steps to be sure you never miss a single email

How to Whitelist an Email Address with Gmail 

  1. Open the email
  2. Click on the drop down arrow next to the “Reply” button
  3. Select “Add to Contacts List”
  4. Click on the “More” button above the email header
  5. Select “Filter messages like these”
  6. At the bottom of the search window, click “Create filter with this search”
  7. Check the box that says “Never send it to Spam”

How to Whitelist an Email Address with Outlook

  1. Open the email
  2. Right-click on the sender’s name, and click “Add to Outlook Contacts”
  3. Click “Save”
  4. On the Tools menu, click “Options”
  5. On the Preferences tab, under E-mail, click “Junk E-mail”
  6. Click the Safe Senders tab
  7. Select the “Also trust e-mail from my Contacts” check box

For other email providers, check out these whitelisting instructions.

One last thing:

Gmail has a folder called promotions! If Prosper ends up there please do this:

How to Drag Emails into Gmail’s Primary Inbox

Next, a message will appear asking if you would like to do this for future messages from this sender. Select “Yes”.First, look for the email inside the Promotions tab. Then click, drag and drop it into the Primary tab



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