Turn your New Years Resolutions into Reality

New Years Resolutions, Success, Prosper, Brenda ByersTurn your resolutions into reality and make this a NEW year (and not a repeat of last year)!

Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.” – Jim Rohn

This year, forget the New Year’s resolutions!  We all know that even the best of them are usually abandoned within weeks.

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So, how can you make this year different and manifest your resolutions?

The same way you eat an elephant.  One small bite at a time.

Resolutions are just goals. When we take small actionable steps toward our goal, our confidence grows and results naturally follow!

whether you desire to lose weight or grow a company or ministry it is done step by step.

I remember when I wanted to get in shape. Each morning as my mind gave me lots of reasons to quit my workouts, the simple act of putting on my tennis shoes and getting in the car got the ball rolling. Driving to the gym and walking into the class guaranteed a work out. Soon, going to the gym became a habit.  As days turned into weeks and months my goal of transforming my body became a reality.

The Prosper Daily Plan is the system I use to keep myself on track. Get your copy here

Each day I print out a copy and complete it

Success begins with having a “Golden Hour”.  This is a daily appointment with yourself!  Taking time to pray, meditate, read and journal is a habit practiced by successful people. Move your resolution into your daily practice and watch it come to life!

Each day I write my mission (how I serve), my goal, and the method to accomplish it.  Here is an example

MissionPremiere Coaching & Training – Grow the income & impact of spiritually minded women entrepreneurs  through individual & group coaching, certification, resources,  tools, and retreats
Goal20 new Master Coaches
MethodSpeak, write, network, social media

Writing my mission every day helps me keep the main thing the main thing.  When “good opportunities” come my way I screen them through the lens of my mission and goals.  This eliminates a lot of the chaos and confusion that comes from constantly chasing shiny objects!

Each year I choose 3 words.  Eg. in 2018 my words were “Stretch, Serve, Strategic”.  This was a daily reminder to get out of my comfort zone and take risks and stretch,  to always serve and to be strategic with my time and resources to have the greatest impact.

I plan my daily actions broken into 20 minute chunks.  E.g. If I am going to write a blog post.  20 minutes might be selecting the topic and creating an outline. 20 minutes might be writing the rough draft and 20 might be editing.

Studies show we accomplish far more in less time if we eliminate distractions (turn of phone, notifications, email, etc.) and work intensely in short increments.

Use a timer.  It’s amazing how much you can get done with focus! At the 20 minute mark get up stretch, drink some water, check messages, etc. and then start a new 20-minute chunk.

The must do section is self-explanatory.  We have things we need get out of our mind and onto paper; the bill that needs to be paid, the bank deposition or item to be mailed.

Outreach keeps you every expanding.  This is not the same as prospecting for your business that would go in the 20-minute segments.  Outreach is just reaching out to those God puts on your mind to reconnect or establish relationships.  Focus on how you can serve.

This year CAN be different.  To download the Prosper Daily Plan click here

Praying YOU prosper in ALL things and have an amazing year!


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