Sacramento Workshop – Vision Focus Wheel

Saturday, Dec 5, 2015

3PM – 6PM

Suite 210 2830 G Street
Sacramento, CA


Creating the life of your dreams doesn’t just happen.
You have to be intentional and focused.  

In this workshop, Brenda will not only show us how to create a vision board,
but she does it with a unique twist that breathes life into it.

She will also teach us how to use it daily throughout the year to
literally bring the images into our experience.


  • Magazines, printed images from the Internet, photos, etc.

  • Scissors

  • Cork board (24″ x 36″ minimum…because your dreams are NOT small!)

  • Thumbtacks (there are some cute ones out there…  😉  )

  • Your journal & pen

  • BRING A FRIEND FREE!!  (It’s more fun together)


Only $77

(Value – $147)
Includes FREE Guest (and TEENS are always FREE)

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