What’s Valuable?

What Do You Really Value?

Recently I was reading a couple parables of Jesus where someone found something so valuable they sold all they had to possess it.
It raised a question in my mind
What things do I value so much that  I would sell or give everything in order have them?
What I discovered was rich in insight!  I believe it will be for you too. Watch this short video

The Truth is…

It’s easy to rattle off a typical list of the things we consider important; God, family, love, etc.
But that raises a more challenging question.

Why don’t our lives (schedule, bank accounts,) reflect what we say we value?

My dad used to tell me he was working 24/7 “for the family.”  The funny thing was his work left him without the time or energy to be with the family.

We are often unaware of what it is that we really value.

Perhaps a childhood of lack made us deeply hold the value of a security. We will tend to use our time and resources to get the things that make us feel secure.
In my case, my fear of control and desire for freedom often overrides choices that could create security.
These influences create choices and actions that are often both fear-based and unconscious.

What to do…

Awareness is the first step to change.

Reflect on the last 7-14 days.
Does the way you spent your time and money align with what you say you value?
Then ask yourself, “What else is possible?” Questions open up new realms and opportunities for change.  Be open to explore different possibilities. Experiment.

Give yourself permission to try something different.

What could be possible if you rearranged your schedule or budget to better reflect your values? Would you be healthier? happier?
E.g. When I was the Founder of a large Network Marking Corporation I used to work 7 days a week. I traveled and spoke all over the country on most weekends.
Then I decided to try something different. I gave myself permission to only work one weekend a month.  The results surprised me!  had more time for what I love AND my income increased.

This spurred me on to try something else.

I gave myself permission to take Wednesdays off. I used this day to take care of myself enjoying hair or nail appointments, chiropractic visits, massage, etc.
The result was I looked and felt better AND my income increased!

What’s possible for you?

One of my greatest joys as a business and success coach is to equip with tools to discover what they truly desire and value. Clarity replaces the fear and confusion around change that has kept them stuck. For a FREE breakthrough strategy session with me schedule here.
Imagine…What changes could you make to design a life that reflects your values?
What if it is possible to truly create and live a life you love?
I believe it is <3

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Grow your influence!


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