Why Gratitude Makes You Healthier & Happier

Gratitude is the Secret to Health & Happiness!

Brenda Bird

Science confirms what most of us know intuitively. Gratitude improves our life.

Many studies have been conducted on the role of gratitude on our health and happiness.  One of these is a study by Robert Emmons. This study showed that individuals who focus on gratitude experience greater emotional well-being and health than those who do not. At the end of ten weeks, those practicing gratitude reported being 25% happier.

Those with an attitude of gratitude experienced:

  1. Better sleep and more energy 

    In one study, participants recorded their blessings each night.  Those who did so reported more hours of sleep each night and feeling more refreshed upon awakening.

  2. Exercised more 

    In a ten-week study, one group recorded what went well the previous week. On the other hand, those in the other group recorded the daily hassles they experienced. The result was that the ones who focused on what went well tended to exercise an average of 1.5 hours more.

  3. Greater goodwill

    Participants experienced even greater benefits when they focused on what they were grateful for and journaled daily. Those who did also reported offering others more emotional support or help with a personal problem. In addition, doing some kind of daily exercise of what they were grateful for increased their goodwill towards others.

  4. Coherence

    Research done at The Institute of HeartMath showed that feelings of gratitude can synchronize brain and heart rhythms. This scientifically measurable state is coherence. This is important because when we are In this optimal state, our body’s systems function more efficiently. And the brain and heart generate a greater balance of emotions and increased mental clarity.

  5. Longevity

    The Institute of HeartMath also showed that it causes positive changes in biochemistry.  Some of those positive changes include improved hormonal balance and an increase in DHEA (the “anti-aging” hormone).

Here are some ways to add more gratitude to your life:

  • Keep a gratitude journal – Keep a small journal or book near your bed to remind you to count your blessings. Try doing this for 5 minutes each morning and evening and notice the change.
  • Write an appreciation letter – Daily let someone know that you appreciate them. One way to do this is by sending a  card, email, or text telling them how much you appreciate them. Doing this benefits both of you.
  • Start a gratitude tradition – You don’t have to save gratitude for the holidays.  Start a family tradition. Have each member of the family share one thing they are grateful for at every meal.
  • Offer prayers of gratitudeEach time I hear my children say thank you I am reminded to thank my heavenly Father.  Start your morning with prayers of gratitude and you will experience an overflow of blessings.

How has gratitude changed your life?  Share your experiences or traditions.

Praying YOU prosper in ALL things!

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