Why Investing in YOU (coach certification) is SMART.

The Investment with the Most R.O.I

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I have found that most women are extremely generous!  Women today play a pivotal role in philanthropy, leading charitable giving within their families and using their time and talents to support causes within their communities, and the world. YET, why do we women find it so hard to invest in ourselves?

We generously give our time and money to the needs of our relatives, children, and even our pets before we will give anything to ourselves.  When it comes to investing in ourselves, we often postpone, scrimp or forgo it.

Learn why investing in YOU is the smartest thing you can do.


So many people spend money on clothing, hair, nails, entertainment, home decorating, vacations.  This “retail therapy” feels good at the time but once the money is spent it is gone. In fact we are not even aware of where a lot of our money goes.

“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like” Will Smith

In the case of an investment, however, we can expect a solid return.

Often women come to me convinced that they do not have the money to pay for coaching.  When we calculate that it would only take them 1-2 new clients to completely pay for their investment and then most of the rest would be profit they are surprised.  They usually end up finding the money and get a return on their money fairly quickly.


The greatest return on investment is the investment you make in yourself!

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I remember the first time I invested in coaching (30 years ago). At the time I was living in an unfurnished 1-bedroom apartment. My income had been stuck at $2200 for nearly a year.  It didn’t matter what I did it didn’t seem to budge. I prospected, followed up and did presentations…still…crickets!

Then I hired a coach.  It was scary and a huge investment at the time. But I bit the bullet and invested in an experienced coach.  Over the subsequent months, my commission checks went over $15,000!

Although I have not calculated the exact rate of return, I can tell you that not only did my income grow exponentially but the knowledge and awareness I gained are priceless!

Investing in coaching, courses and my library have been a priority for me from that day forward!


Self-care is not selfish, and neither is investing in yourself!

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