You Could Be a Great Coach or Consultant!

Ever wondered what would it be like to work as a coach or consultant?

Perhaps you have heard about the freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment of being a coach or consultant. Yet being a coach feels very different from what you have done for work before. Read on you may be surprised!

Your Experience Matters

The fact is coaching and consulting is often just an extension to what you are already doing.

Coaching can often be a simple as offering accountability, reinforcing basic life principles, and encouraging those newer to a field than you.

It can also be a way of using what you have learned in your business or life experience to benefit others who are perhaps newer or less experienced.

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You Don’t Have to be Perfect!

We do not need to have “arrived” to coach. We just need to be a few steps further along in the process to help others tremendously.

Recently I was speaking to someone in the beauty industry.  She had a wealth of experience from doing runway work, to managing a successful salon with multiple stylists.  As she considered the coaching consulting industry I asked her questions that I often ask a potential coach.

Have you learned lessons during your years of experience that could help someone new coming into your field?

I knew the answer was yes.  She had learned things about working with clients, scheduling, marketing, selling merchandise, improving profitability, creating work-life balance and so much more.

All of these things are EXTREMELY VALUABLE to someone wishing to get ahead in the field.

Did you make mistakes?  Would what you learned from those mistakes benefit someone starting out? Would it save them wasted time trying to figure it out themselves?

Again the answer was yes!

From bookkeepers to elementary teachers, to graphic designers, to salespeople I have found the same thing.

Each of us has VALUABLE EXPERIENCE TO SHARE! An experience that can save others a great deal of time and money.  Experience others would gladly pay a coach or consultant for.

Coaching can be your “Golden Ticket” that opens doors with greater

  • Fulfillment
  • Flexibility and
  • Financial Freedom

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Praying YOU prosper in ALL things


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