Download Time Managment Secrets of Jesus

Stop the Overwhelm & Accomplish More With Peace!

Perhaps no one had more demands placed on his time than Jesus!

This book offers a few of the timeless time management secrets (beautiful life principles) I gleaned studying the Master. I pray you are blessed by it.

The sick went to drastic measures to receive his healing touch. The hungry and the spiritually famished pressed in for nourishment. The crowds attempted to keep him from resting. Even His disciples fought for his time and undivided attention. Jesus lived to be only 33 years old. His public ministry began when He was 30. He had to squeeze a lifetime of ministry, including raising up and equipping leaders to carry on the vision, into three short years.

The life of Jesus holds time management secrets that transcend time and culture. They contain the keys to living a life of purpose, peace, and freedom.